Siebel Supports webMethods’ Web Services Offering Staff

Updated · Feb 11, 2002

webMethods, Inc. , the Fairfax, Va.-based provider of integration software, today announced that Siebel Systems, Inc., , the provider of eBusiness applications software, supports its Enterprise Web Services offering.

webMethods says that the current version of its integration platform allows Siebel eBusiness Applications to use Enterprise Web Services to access information from other applications and systems, and enhances the ability to pull information from multiple sources throughout the enterprise for use within the application.

“The webMethods integration platform allows customers to use the technologies they’ve already purchased as Web Services,” says Doug Smith, senior director of architecture for Siebel Systems.

“Creating an Enterprise Web Service using webMethods technology will reduce the customer’s implementation time and costs of building Web Services, and enable them to connect the applications that drive their businesses,” he argues.

webMethods’ Web Services offering is designed to combine the support of common protocols, such as SOAP and WSDL, with the management capabilities, transactional integrity and security features that are required for enterprise-level functionality.

“Siebel eBusiness Applications play a critical role in the business infrastructure of many of our global customers,” says Kim Trudel, vice president of Enterprise Web Services for webMethods.

“For these customers, being able to create Web Services in a meaningful way is dependent on incorporating the insight that Siebel eBusiness Applications afford. The webMethods integration platform can provide the necessary integration to Siebel eBusiness Applications, extending their reach and creating value within the organization.”

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