Siperian Focuses on the Customer Staff

Updated · Jan 29, 2010

The company’s Extension Customer View offering gives banks a holistic view of their customers.

Master data management (MDM) vendor Siperian, recently acquired by Informatica, has introduced an Extended Customer View (ECV) solution to provide financial services firms with a holistic view of their customers.

"Virtually every bank today has developed complex data stores and databases, says Kirk Millet, Siperian’s vice president of marketing," writes’s Lauren McKay. "That data, however, is often product-centric, creating barriers toward a customer-centric view."

"Financial institutions often provide multiple services, such as banking, credit cards, loans, and even mortgages," McKay notes. "The problem is that the customer data rests with each of the separate business domains. Not only does the customer data not bridge the various products or services, but that data is limited in breadth and depth."

With customer loyalty to banks at an all-time low, improving customer satisfaction has to be a priority — and to that end, the company’s ECV offering works with customer data to find new opportunities and offer customer risk assessments.

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