Smarter Crop Management With IBM Analytics

Mark J

Updated · Jul 27, 2010

IBM has recently announced that Bakersfield, Calif. based agribusiness Sun World International LLC is harnessing its analytics technology to improve crop yields, reduce waste and expand its customer base, while providing more cost effective and energy efficient harvesting practices. As stated in this PR Newswire release, Sun World operates one of the world’s leading proprietary produce variety development programs — generating more than 60 commercial varieties. It grows an array of table grape, pepper, stone fruit and citrus varieties on 12,000 acres of farmland across California.

“Facing ever-changing variables in consumer trends, weather, labor, fuel costs and water management, Sun World turned to IBM and Applied Analytix for a solution to better collect, track, interpret and disseminate real time information on everything from crop management to managing sales — while maintaining top quality and controlling cost throughout their supply chain.

“New analytics capabilities are helping this mid-size company redefine its business and bring innovative practices to the industry. Previous business practices were manual processes that made it difficult to deliver a timely, company-wide view of information to support decision making. Today, Sun World uses an IBM analytics technology that delivers predictive capability and deeper insight into crop yields, farm labor costs, water usage, growing patterns, and a wide range of sales and distribution processes. What previously took days to report can now be retrieved in minutes on a continuous basis and with greater accuracy.”

Read the Full News Release at PR Newswire

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