SnapStore Offers Snaps for Enterprise Applications

Mark J

Updated · Apr 14, 2010

According to SnapLogic, it’s newly launched online SnapStore offers Snaps for any application or data source, whether it’s an on-premise enterprise application or database, a SaaS or Cloud application, or a social media network. As noted in the company’s news release, the SnapStore model also lets developers with expertise in integrating particular applications to encapsulate and monetize their expertise in the form of custom Snaps.

“‘We’ve opened the SnapStore with a critical mass of available Snaps — we have connectors for more than 40 SaaS and enterprise applications — that is already driving an important network effect,’ said Gaurav Dhillon, chief executive officer, SnapLogic. ‘Snaps can build off each other — for example, the PeopleSoft Snap uses the Snap to store configuration data in the Cloud — and the more Snaps that are built, the more useful and valuable the SnapLogic ecosystem becomes to customers and the greater the commercial opportunity becomes for Snap developers.'”

Read the News Release at Market Wire

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