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Mark J

Updated · Dec 16, 2010

Customer Relationship Metrics has announced that it has added a free Speech Analytics Software component, for qualified candidates, to its speech business intelligence software: Speech BI and Speech BI Plus On-demand. As mentioned by the company in its news statement on PR Wire, the managed service provides experts with access to immediate best practices and no capital expenditures for speech analytics software.

“Customer Relationship Metrics' Speech BI program contains leading and award-winning business intelligence know-how and the ability to capture data from ‘customer dial to disconnect.' IVR Analytics, Call Flow Analytics, Sales Analytics, and Agent Behavior Analytics are all possible activities with Speech BI. With Speech BI Plus, CRM adds Customer Experience Analytics by including post-call survey data collection to the program.

“Speech BI and Speech BI Plus programs can be fully functional and delivering actionable customer, company, and employee insights in 60-days or less. With competition ever increasing in the marketplace, the business value that can be delivered from speech analytics is in high demand but the realized long-term gains have only been experienced by those possessing higher talent and skills.”

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