Splunk Intros More Big Data SDKs

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Dec 18, 2012

San Francisco-based Splunk is taking a page out of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s playbook in order to build developer interest in its real-time Big Data intelligence platform.

Ballmer once famously chanted, “Developers, developers, developers…” By releasing new software development kits (SDKs) today for Java and Python, Splunk is positioning itself as a software company that cares about developers and wants them to harness the power of — and presumably profit from — its Splunk Enterprise Big Data platform.

“Our mission at Splunk is to lower the barriers for organizations to gain operational intelligence from machine data,” said the general manager of Splunk’s developer platform, Paul Sanford.

Following a model in which solo coders and small development teams helped pave the way for Web and mobile applications, Splunk is setting out to prove that Big Data projects don’t necessarily require an outsized investment in time and resources.

“We want to empower developers to build big data applications on the Splunk platform and to understand that you don’t need large-scale development efforts to get big value. That’s a key driver behind the development of these SDKs, helping developers quickly get started with Splunk software, leveraging their existing language skills and driving rapid time to value,” Sanford said.

This spring, Splunk earned the distinction of being the first Big Data startup to go public. Wall Street reacted with enthusiasm, sending its stock past $34 in its first day of trading, double its $17 initial offering price.

Now the company hopes the developer community jumps on its platform with the same zeal. According to Splunk, its SDKs for Java, Javascript, PHP and Python “are built on a fully documented and supported REST API and include documentation, code samples, resources and tools to help developers build on the Splunk platform.”

The SDKs enable developers to manage HTTP access, authentication and namespaces with “just a few lines of code,” said the company. They also speed Big Data application development and pave the way for integrating Splunk data with other apps, and all without a steep learning curve, boasts Splunk.

Splunk SDKs for Java and Python are available today. (Splunk previously released an SDK for JavaScript.)

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Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez

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