StayinFront Announces Mobile CRM for Life Sciences

Mark J

Updated · Mar 17, 2011

StayinFront has announced the launch of StayinFront TouchRx, a new mobile customer relationship management (CRM) solution for the Life Sciences industry. As noted in
this news release on PR Wire, StayinFront TouchRx is built on the company's StayinFront Touch platform, which was released earlier this year. The platform provides remote access to StayinFront CRM solutions across iPhone and iPad mobile digital devices as well as Android-based smartphones from a single application.

“As the Life Sciences industry continues to evolve, there is an increased emphasis on technology and systems that not only improve the efficiency of the sales rep, but also serve as a tool that engages physicians and delivers content. With immediate access to CRM data and critical CRM functionality delivered across widely-used mobile platforms, StayinFront TouchRx is at the forefront of solutions designed to meet the needs of today's pharma sales rep.”

Read the Full Story at PR Wire

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