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Updated · Jul 10, 2001

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Business Objects, developer of business intelligence (BI) solutions, has created the Business Objects Open Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Partner Initiative — a consortium of application providers, consulting companies and software vendors, bringing a complete CRM solution to their mutual clients.

The collaboration will help the Initiative’s clients to become more competitive in addressing customer satisfaction and retention issues while making the most of critical customer data. Each company in the Business Objects Open CRM Partner Initiative addresses a specific need and through unification, the partners can offer customized support and solutions.

“Clearly, customer relationship management is a topic of much attention, and there is a dizzying array of choices and solutions to sift through when putting together a CRM strategy,” said Mark Tice, group vice president of global alliances for Business Objects. “In creating the Open CRM Partner Initiative, we are bringing together the leaders in customer analytics and operational software, services, and support, and will present to the market a clear and comprehensive solution to meet their CRM needs.”

The companies that have already signed on with the Initiative are:

  • Acxiom Corporation — a global provider of real-time, multi-channel customer data integration, accomplished by database marketing services, advanced technologies, infrastructure management and premier data content. Acxiom’s contribution to the Initiative will be in the combination of Business Objects powerful analytic applications and Acxiom’s AbiliTec-Enabled Solutions.
  • eGain Communications Corporation — developer of enterprise interaction management software and best-of-breed applications that include Web self-service, live online assistance, e-mail-based communications and enterprise-wide knowledge management. eGain, together with Business Objects, will bring additional analytic capabilities to the eGain platform in an effort to provide added business intelligence that will yield higher levels of profitability and superior customer loyalty.
  • Fair, Isaac and Company — provides clients with a full-service, multi-channel marketing solution that helps companies determine where, when and how to interact with their prospects and customers to build stronger relationships. Fair, Isaac vice president, worldwide channel development, Dag Von Ruden says of the Initiative: “By combining the industry leading analysis and reporting software from Business Objects with our strategic and operational capabilities, Fair, Isaac’s MarketSmart is able to provide businesses with the industry’s first full-service, integrated and real-time eCRM solution.”
  • MatchLogic — a global supplier of interactive marketing services, offers solutions to help marketers increase their return on investment by building and enhancing their relationship with each customer. MatchLogic’s eVista solution will be integrated with Business Objects applications, allowing marketers to create relevant, highly targeted online and offline campaigns, as well as conduct customer analysis, audience segmentation and reporting.
  • NuEdge Systems — creates solutions and deep vertical market expertise to help retailers, cataloguers and financial services companies leverage customers’ preferences to design and execute individualized marketing initiatives. Participation in Business Objects Open CRM Partner Initiative will allow NuEdge to deliver integrated customer information with a powerful marketing automation solution to increase marketing response rates, strengthen customer lifetime value and improve profitability.

Founded in 1990, Business Objects delivers BI solutions to more than 13,000 customers in over 80 countries.

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