SuccessFactors Launches Calculator in the Cloud

Mark J

Updated · Oct 19, 2010

SuccessFactors, Inc. (Nasdaq: SFSF) has recently announced its new Calculator in the Cloud technology. According to the company’s news release, The Calculator in the Cloud empowers business users, from the executive suite to each individual employee, to do analysis of real-time data for insight and predictions.

“The Calculator in the Cloud is powered by patented technology gained from SuccessFactors’ recent acquisition of Danish company YouCalc, and is demonstrated by initial limited release capabilities, Live Forms and Live Analytics.

“‘What we’re doing with cloud analytics has never been seen before. The analytics power, flexibility and speed we’re wielding makes SuccessFactors the hub for business insight not just across our BizX Suite, but across any other cloud application. This ability to do analytics mash-ups is just the latest in a series of new analytics capabilities we introduced this year to bolster the power of the entire BizX Suite,’ said Lars Dalgaard, founder and CEO, SuccessFactors.”

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