Sun, E.piphany Team On Next Generation CRM Solutions Staff

Updated · Jan 16, 2001

NEW YORK–Sun Microsystems, Inc., and E.piphany, Inc., who recently inked a strategic alliance,
have announced they have teamed to provide retailers with E.piphany’s next generation customer
relationship management (CRM) solution running on the Solaris Operating Environment. The
companies say they will now offer retailers an integrated solution to effectively create,
execute and manage inbound and outbound marketing campaigns aimed at providing personalized
marketing, sales and service to today’s multi-channel consumers.

E.piphany says their CRM solution will enable a single view of retailers’ customers and
insight about their preferences and buying behaviors, while Sun will provide the security and
scalability to enable the unrestricted flow and exchange of customer information. They say
the alliance will give retailers the freedom to focus on customer preferences, purchase and
post-purchase considerations.

“E.piphany and Sun are the choice for many retailers who want to win in today’s Customer
Economy,” said Vince Bowey, vice president of solutions marketing for E.piphany. “Retailers
must evolve from operating with single-channel mindset, which leads to a fragmented and
inconsistent customer experience. Retailers turning to E.piphany and Sun know that to be
effective, they need a customer management solution built on powerful software, scalable
hardware and a robust infrastructure to help them give customers what they want, when they
want it.”

According to E.piphany, BlueLight, Kmart’s electronic retailing site, is using E.piphany’s CRM
solution runnning on Sun. Dave Chambers, BlueLight’s Director of Customer
Relationship Management says, “E.piphany allows us to provide customers a more personalized web
experience by integrating segmentation data from multiple outside sources with each customer’s
site behavior data.”

“We share a vision of a customer-centric economy, where companies focus their organizations
around the customer,” said Bob DeLaney, group manager, world wide market development for
Sun Microsystems. “Together, E.piphany and Sun provide a proven solution that retailers can
trust to address a critical aspect of their business — customer behavior and satisfaction.
If they don’t get this right for whatever reason, having great products or services becomes

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