Surebridge Expands On-Demand Services For Mid-Market Staff

Updated · Jun 23, 2003

Application outsourcer Surebridge Inc. Monday refined its ERP, CRM and eBusiness Outsourcing offerings to include three models of service, from fully hosted to remote application management.

“Our on-demand services offer customers the freedom to choose the service model that's right for them, and enable us to be even more customer-focused.,” said Joe Nicholson, president and COO of Surebridge. “Surebridge can partner with clients at any stage — from needs assessment, to implementation, to outsourcing services that maximize existing investments, to continuous business improvement and planning for future application needs — giving us a 360-degree view of their systems and ensuring high system flexibility, reliability and availability.”

Customers can choose from Surebridge's three outsourcing delivery models — SureHost, its fully hosted model; SureHost Managed Services, its solution for hosting IT infrastructures; and SureHost Remote, its remote application management model.

With its SureHost fully hosted model, Surebridge maintains and manages a customer's complete application environment at its data centers. Surebridge delivers high levels of security, reliability, scalability and connectivity and provides a single point of contact for all application vendors, as well as for application and infrastructure related issues.

With its SureHost Managed Services solution, Surebridge provides clients with the same hosting benefits as its fully hosted model, but also manages, monitors and maintains the customer's IT infrastructure for maximum optimization, security and availability. Surebridge's standard managed services model provides full infrastructure hosting, allowing clients to offload the tactical management, monitoring and maintenance of their technology stacks to Surebridge at its data center facilities. Surebridge's advanced management and monitoring tools ensure that the underlying infrastructure supporting client applications is consistently at peak performance.

SureHost Remote gives customers full internal control of their IT investments and infrastructures, while outsourcing the day-to-day management and support of their applications to Surebridge. Surebridge can manage a client's application — whether on premise or at a third-party facility — remotely through a secure connection that Surebridge assists in designing and provisioning.

Surebridge's Outsourcing services form one of four pillars of its complete lifecycle services approach. Surebridge's end-to-end services span the client's entire business application requirements — from Strategy (IT, business application, software selection), to Implementation (configuration, customization, integration, training), to Outsourcing (SureHost, SureHost Managed Services, SureHost Remote; SureHost Disaster Recovery Services), to Optimization (technical upgrades, functional upgrades, continuous business improvement).

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