SwiftKnowledge Upgrades Web-Based Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Apr 21, 2010

SwiftKnowledge, LLC, has upgraded its web-based business intelligence (BI) software to version 9. This new version, according to the company's news release on Benzinga, offers robust analytic capabilities via an integrated, single-product code base. It also offers New user interface and dashboard layout for streamlined report and dashboard creation.

“The company's technology offers breakthrough usability and robust analytic capabilities via an integrated, single-product code base; patented performance and a data packet engine that accelerate queries and promote self-service BI; and patented, cell-based security that provides true data and feature/functionality granularity without sacrificing control or performance.

“‘Today's BI solutions must reach a broad set of users who span all levels of an organization and are involved in a spectrum of strategic, operational and tactical decision-making,' said Dan Vesset, research vice president of business analytics at IDC. ‘As a result, design quality has emerged as one of the five key factors having the strongest influence on increasing the pervasiveness of BI throughout organizations and to external stakeholders. To provide the most business value and gain the widest adoption, BI solution flexibility becomes paramount. The tools must be easy-to-use, intuitive, visually dynamic, and adapt to users' tendencies and needs, rather than the other way around.'”

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