Tablet Strategies Needed for Business Intelligence Apps

Mark J

Updated · Sep 29, 2010

In response to the Apple iPad moving the tablet
form factor to the forefront, hardware vendors are introducing products that will provide the convenience and ease of use of a smartphone but a display conducive to doing real work. As noted in this Datamation report, you may now need to develop a strategy for tablet users who want to access business intelligence (BI) system data and analytics tools.

“Tablets offer important capabilities to road warriors due to the bigger screen, touch keyboard and other features. The ability for two people to look at the same data on the same device and start poking the touch screen to drill down for detailed insights will enhance collaboration in restaurant meetings and other out-of-the-office settings.

“A production manager and an inventory manager standing in a warehouse and analyzing real-time analytics forecasts to determine optimum storage and shipping plans will be one of many compelling applications driving tablet use for BI access.

“‘Users are already getting value out of these devices—they have changed the way they work,’ notes Dresner. ‘This is a fundamental paradigm shift.'”

Read the Full Story at Datamation

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