Talisma’s Integrated eCRM Solution

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Mar 15, 2001

SEATTLE, WA–Talisma Corporation, a full-service provider of robust eCRM solutions, has launched it’s next generation Talisma eCRM Suite which promises to provide a more encompassing method for managing customer relationships.

“Starting the second half of 2001, and continuing through 2002, vendors will start delivering complete eCRM suites — e-sales, e-marketing, and e-service — to respond to the needs of their customers in those areas,” said Esteban Kolsky, senior research analyst at the Gartner Group.

Talisma’s eCRM Suite is a new integration tool that combines service, sales and marketing capabilities for a complete customer interaction viewpoint, leveraging customer information across entire organizations.

“By all indications, the total integration of the Talisma eCRM Suite is a first for the market, launching well ahead of when analysts had predicted products like this would appear in the industry,” said Pradeep Singh, Talisma founder and CEO.

According to Singh, Talisma focuses on three essential eCRM concepts: power, ease and economics. These components are evident in the list of major features and capabilities of the product:

  • a universal queue, allowing consistent routing of inquiries across all touchpoints
  • an intuitive, user interface with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook
  • customizable workspaces that let individual users quickly and easily access the information they need most
  • graphical workflows of marketing campaigns
  • personalization of outbound campaigns with dynamic content based on customer profiles
  • real-time campaign management
  • easy offline access through Microsoft Outlook
  • current opportunity and sales pipeline tracking
  • order management
  • powerful analytics for creating forecasting and analysis reports

Customers that currently use existing Talisma products have tested beta versions of the Talisma eCRM Suite and the reaction has been quite favorable. Lenzy King, director of customer care at Lowe’s and a long-time Talisma customer has said, “During our evaluation of the new product, we’ve seen huge improvements in the user interface, outbound campaign mailer and reporting. Even the rules engine, which we thought was the best around, got even better.”

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Talisma Corporation is a full-service provider of enterprise-class eCRM solutions for effective and robust service, sales and marketing. Modular Talisma(tm) eCRM products and services can be hosted or installed and are easy to deploy, extend, integrate, and scale. Superior relationship management is ensured across multiple communication channels including phone, e-mail, Web self-help, Web forms, chat, VoIP, fax, wireless and face-to-face meetings.

Robyn Greenspan
Robyn Greenspan

Robyn Greenspan, an independent researcher and speaker, is interested in innovation, market trends and information technology. She was a participant in the AI Summit and also took part in the IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing, International SOA Symposium series and the International Cloud Symposium series. She graduated from Temple University. She was previously the communications and research manager for the AMS, an internationally recognized professional association that advances knowledge in the IT and business management areas.

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