Talygen CRM Software Gets Bulk Mail Tool

Ann All

Updated · Jan 16, 2014

Talygen, a provider of business software including software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for project management and CRM, has introduced a bulk mail feature for its CRM software. The bulk mail tool enables organizations to quickly send emails to large groups of people to streamline the CRM process.

“Users can focus less on typing the same messages over and over again, and instead devote more time to finding leads, building relationships and generating revenue,” said Harold Saini, Talygen’s chief program manager, in a statement.

The bulk mail tool, which works with Talygen’s CRM module, allows users to:

  • Organize and automate follow-up messages
  • Browse and use email templates from Talygen’s library
  • Create email templates
  • Import and export bulk leads
  • Keep notes about each lead or client
  • Upload file attachments
  • Sort and organize contacts

The tool can be used to touch base with multiple leads and send quick follow-ups, which aids in lead generation, according to Talygen. It also improves client retention by allowing businesses to send updates, promotions and newsletters.

In addition, the bulk mail tool boosts productivity because users no longer must manually type or update their email messages so they have time to focus on more strategic CRM tasks.

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