Teradata Enhances Its Cloud Marketing Lineup

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Oct 22, 2013

As Enterprise Apps Today reported a few months ago, there has been a surge of interest in marketing software, especially cloud-based apps, as evidenced by cloud marketing moves by the likes of IBM, Oracle and Salesforce.com.

The latest company introducing software designed to capitalize on this trend is Teradata, which this week rolls out an enhanced version of its Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) suite, which integrates its cloud-based solutions for marketing operations (Planning and Spend Manager, Workflow and Collaboration Manager, and Marketing Asset Manager), campaign management (Customer Interaction Manager and Real-Time Interaction Manager) and digital marketing (Digital Messaging Center and Media Manager).

“Teradata Applications' extensive approach for delivering data-driven marketing globally in the cloud is ideal for large companies that want to streamline their IT infrastructure so they can focus instead on generating revenue through data-driven marketing insights, initiatives and processes,” said Darryl McDonald, president, Teradata Applications. “Our unique combination of tightly integrated applications and cloud services allows our customers to focus on the power of data-driven marketing to grow their business, while minimizing IT-related work.”

The software can be hosted onsite or through Teradata's secure, private cloud. It can also be integrated with Teradata Marketing Analytics (Master Data Manager) and complementary third party solutions, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Customer Interaction Manager

The newest application in the suite is a product called Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) that Teradata introduced this week at its Partners User Group Conference. It integrates inbound and outbound messaging capabilities so companies can choreograph and execute customer interactions across multiple digital and traditional channels. Using CIM, companies can analyze customer data, segment specific groups of customers, trigger customer “events” and choreograph multi-channel communication plans based on the needs of those consumers and the business as a whole.

“By leveraging this technology and expertise, we are developing a better understanding of how our consumers want to engage with P&G, so that we may make communications more relevant to foster meaningful and lasting consumer relationships,” said Andy Walter, vice-president of Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble.

According to Teradata, CIM features an intuitive interface that includes an adaptable whiteboard design environment. It supports data from any database and runs on any database architecture. Companies can choose whether to have their customer data on-premise or in the cloud, as CIM does not require an on-premise enterprise data warehouse. Teradata can host data warehouses and Customer Interaction Manager servers, as well as the customer's data, in its data centers around the world.

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