Teredata, SAS Optimize Business Intelligence Solution

eCRMGuide.com Staff

Updated · Apr 12, 2010

Teredata Corporation has announced the optimization of SAS Marketing Automation for Teredata.

"Teradata Corporation is a leading provider of Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) solutions, including enterprise analytic technologies and services worldwide," according to Zacks.

"SAS and Teradata together provide business intelligence (BI) solutions comprising integrated customer analytics, data integration and campaign management," the article states. "Additionally, the recently announced SAS and Teradata Business Insight Advantage Program allows customers to take advantage of a common framework for integrating enterprise data with advanced analytics and customer intelligence application."

"Across organizations, an increasing amount of customer and transactional information is being generated, straining departmental and corporate infrastructures while complicating the integrity of analytics for operational decision making,” says Keith Collins, vice president and CTO at SAS.

"Optimizing SAS Marketing Automation on Teradata removes the complexity and gives businesses assurance that they can leverage the power of SAS Customer Intelligence solutions on an established enterprise-class database such as Teradata," Collins says.

Click on the following to read the Zacks article: Teredata Partners with SAS

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