Terracotta Enhances Enterprise Quartz Scheduler

Mark J

Updated · Mar 31, 2011

Terracotta has announced significant upgrades to Quartz, the open source job scheduler that can be integrated with, or used alongside virtually any Java application. As noted on the Terracotta website, improvements are centered on several key areas: ease of use, performance, management and monitoring, and control.

“The Terracotta team is investing in Quartz to meet the demand of its hundreds of thousands of open source and enterprise users, and extending its value with these new capabilities.

“‘Quartz has a well-established reputation as the most widely-used job scheduler; its lightweight properties and ease of use have made it very popular with Java developers,’ said James House, founder of Quartz. ‘However, as enterprise applications become more complex, end-users are demanding more control of when and where jobs are executed. I’m pleased to see that Terracotta has made the investment to continue the improvement of open source Quartz and also produce a new commercial release of Quartz Scheduler that includes powerful enhancements.”

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