The Company Formerly Known as Staff

Updated · Apr 01, 2002

Effective immediately, Silicon Valley-based, Inc. will change its name to SupportSoft, Inc., representing the company's increased scope and focus on enterprise-wide software. The company's URL will reflect the change, but the stock will continue to trade on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol SPRT.

“Our original patented self-healing software built a foundation for what has now become a broad spectrum of available solutions crossing many platforms, and all of which share a common denominator — automated problem resolution support for employees and customers of Corporate enterprises, outsourcers, technology vendors and broadband service providers,” said Radha Basu, Chairman and CEO of SupportSoft, Inc. “Our new name reflects that growth, while preserving the company's brand equity as the leader in support automation solutions.”

SupportSoft will continue to provide automation solutions to customers such as IBM, Cisco Systems, GE, Procter & Gamble, Sony, Schlumberger, CSC, Siebel Systems, BellSouth, Charter Communications, Cox Communications and SBC.

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