The CRM Watchlist: SAS, Sage and More

Mark J

Updated · Jan 05, 2011

In the first CRM Watchlist 2011 post, Paul Greenberg covered the Big 4 companies: Salesforce (NYSE: CRM),
Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), and SAP (NYSE: SAP). This week in his ZDnet Blog, Greenberg covers the tried and true customer relationship management (CRM) companies
including NetSuite, RightNow, Sage, SAS, CDC Software and SugarCRM.

“Sage is a company that keeps ooglin' merrily along, not really engaged in the internecine wars raging among the very competitive vendors, making some progress on products each year incrementally without making anything too dramatic of it. They are very good at recognizing their market – small and the lower end of the midmarket – and productizing accordingly. When it comes to CRM, they have really 3 products – ACT! which in its 2011 incarnation is about as close to CRM without actually being it as a product can get; Sage CRM for the small business that grows beyond what ACT! provides and SalesLogix which is in now in the cloud and is designed to hit that lower midmarket sweetspot. Noticeable among the new aspects of say, ACT! are embedded (in an iframe) social content such as Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn profiles of your contacts or company information. Also now offered as native are web-based business services (for a price) such as Swift e-marketing, even though ACT! is still a desktop application.”

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