The Multi-Layered CRM Solution from Teradata and BroadVision

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Apr 03, 2001

NEW YORK, NY–Teradata, a division NCR Corporation, announced the launch of the new Teradata E-Business Analytics suite.

The product was developed to enhance the BroadVision® suite of e-business applications in addition to providing a larger solution that allows companies to tap their customer information in data warehouses. This increased functionality will provide for personalized offers online, while honoring consumers' requests and expectations for privacy.

The product's additional strengths lie in the role it plays in completing the online personalization process. The first layer of this solution is a privacy-enabled data warehouse based on the Teradata® database, which collects, organizes and retrieves data gleaned from transactions, both online and offline, plus interactions like clickstream data from Web site surfing or registration or calls to a customer service line. The next layer is the Teradata E-Business Analytics suite, which analyzes the data to uncover both larger customer trends and individual customer insights. The final, customer-facing layer is the actual personalization of a Web site or other Web-enabled devices, accomplished by using Teradata CRM software to identify opportunities for product offers and special discounts, and BroadVision demand-side business solutions to provide the personalized user experience and e-commerce application.

To complete the multi-layered process, consumer reaction to the personalized Web page is captured in the Teradata warehouse and the data is then added to future analysis, creating an ongoing process of increasing customer knowledge for the company and better service and more relevant offers for the consumer.

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