The New CRM Provides Knowledge Management, Mobile Support

Mark J

Updated · Jan 25, 2011

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have been narrowly defined as systems that provided basic customer information for years. The basic CRM system, as offered by TMCnet has evolved to
support sales force automation and customer service. Characteristics of the “new CRM” includes knowledge management, mobile support and social networking.

“Knowledge management. The ability to capture, store, and intelligently search for information via the web. This includes the ability to index information within documents. The goal of a good knowledge management system is to create end user self-service so answers can be found without having to speak to a person.

“Intelligent call routing. The ability to route all kinds of customer questions to the proper agent is critical in the new CRM. There are now many more channels of access such as email, voice, chat, wikis and forums.

“Mobile support. All of the CRM products can support the top mobile platforms interacting with them. The ability to solve a customer’s situation, even when they are mobile, is critical to building a positive brand for your company.”

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