The Role of Private Clouds in the Enterprise

Mark J

Updated · Jul 30, 2010

Do private clouds have a role in the enterprise? Or should IT departments and CIOs place their bets on innovative services from public cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft? Those are some of the questions answered in this Datamation article that offers an in-depth look at the role of private clouds in the enterprise.

“SAP has been criticized for being late to the cloud-computing party, while (NYSE: CRM) has built a billion-dollar business based on enterprise applications and services that reside in the cloud.

“‘First of all, moving to the cloud is not the right way to think about anything,' he said. ‘There will be new things in the cloud — redoing something doesn't make a lot of sense. If you want to argue we've been somewhat slow in expanding to the cloud — fair enough — but customers have a lot of interest in seeing that our applications maintain their core value, the data integrity and consistency. Taking that to the cloud takes a lot of work.'”

Read the Full “SAP: Private Clouds Have a Role in the Enterprise” Story at Datamation

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