The Unique Challenges of CRM Systems

Mark J

Updated · May 24, 2010

CRM systems are harder to get right, but are highly effective when they are done right. According to this IT World report, one of the unique challenges of CRM systems is that the system is tightly bound to the way the organization works.

“As an IT leader, you’ll probably notice the technical problem first. But users won’t see that one: they’ll be paying attention to the measurable business issue in the second category. Unfortunately, they’ll likely be blind to the third problem, which was probably somebody’s brilliant idea from a couple of reorgs ago.

“Why do I bring this up? Because solving only one of the issues won’t make the problem and its symptoms go away. You have to troubleshoot and resolve them as a set. If you don’t, the system imbalance will continue. New variants of the original problems will soon grow to replace the ‘solved ones.’ Even if you think there’s a pure IT problem, in the CRM world there will be corresponding elements outside your domain. Count on it.”

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