ThinkVine Updates Marketing Mix Optimization Platform

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Jun 10, 2013

Effective marketing planning will increasingly hinge on accurate forecasting, according to Cincinnati, Ohio-based ThinkVine.

In support of this philosophy, the company today unveiled new updates for its ThinkVine Marketing Mix Optimization software, including interactive forecasting features and user interface tweaks.

They include new, more accurate forecasting capabilities to enable marketers to optimize their campaigns. Marketing professionals can use ThinkVine’s interactive forecasting software to optimize their efforts while accounting for tactics, products and geographies, among other factors.

To keep campaigns on track and on budget, ThinkVine has rolled out new SmartMix and SmartPlan improvements. SmartSpend now offers businesses a clearer picture of the costs involved to reach a sales target.

Meanwhile, SmartROI can be used to pinpoint an ROI-maximizing plan within a budget range. Lastly, “SmartPlan automatically finds the plan needed to maximize sales for a given budget,” boasts the company. Also new are secure and collaborative role-based workflows and data collection and sharing features that allow teams to incorporate sales and marketing data into their processes.

Tying these features together is a redesigned user interface. Dashboards now provide “flexible marketing mix planning at the right level of detail,” boosting the business decision-making process and giving marketers to the ability to drill down into their marketing data as much or little as they need.

ThinkVine vice president of product management Elan Long noted that the changes reflect what the company’s customers expect from the platform. “With this release, ThinkVine is responding to overwhelming market and customer demand for a better way to use data and technology for agile, anytime marketing mix planning and optimization,” she said in company remarks.

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Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez

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