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Sean Michael

Updated · Nov 04, 2016

While process automation has long been the purview of IT organizations, Tibco Software is rolling out Simplr, a solution that it calls a “personal automation” software-as-a-service. The do-it-yourself tool allows “regular” users to automate repetitive tasks by building forms and workflows and to collect, manage and move data between popular cloud applications, simplifying social media tasks, for example.

The company is leveraging its expertise in integration and workflow automation to give users the ability to innovate on the fly and get their work done faster by automating tasks ranging from content marketing to event planning and social media processes, said Matt Quinn, Tibco's CTO and executive vice president, products and technology, in a statement.

“Simplr does not require a technical skill level; this is TIBCO for everyone. It's our goal to empower users of all backgrounds with tools to achieve greater digital success, and the Simplr application supports this by streamlining users' business processes and increasing their productivity without relying on IT teams or coding,” he said.

According to Tibco, the tool allows users to collect, manage and move data between popular cloud applications including Evernote, Gmail, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Marketo, Twitter, JIRA, Slack, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey and Tibco Spotfire. In addition, users can use an online tool to build forms for gathering data from people and sending it to the applications using flows.

They can also tailor the frequency of running flows, triggering them to run on-demand, on a schedule or in real time when triggered by an event like a form submission.

Tibco also has a Simplr community on its website to allow users to share flows exchanges and compare ideas.

When combined with Tibco's Expresso mobile app, users can publish data from within Simplr flows and subscribe to them as contextualized push notifications on their mobile devices. The Expresso app for iOS can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

According to the company's website, Simplr pricing ranges from free, for a plan that allows a maximum of five projects a month, to $25 per month for a plan that allows up to 40 projects a month and includes features not available in the free version, such as the ability for real-time flows.

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