Tibco Intros Tools to Ease Cloud Integration

Sean Michael

Updated · Oct 15, 2015

Tibco, a provider of integration, analytics and event processing software, aims to help organizations create, test, deploy and manage enterprise apps in the cloud with two new integration platforms it rolled out this week.

One of the two new solutions, Tibco BusinessWorks Container Edition, is designed for companies that are using the Cloud Foundry platform to enable their existing business applications, said Kevin Bohan, director Product Marketing, Integration Technologies, Tibco Software, in an email. While BusinessWorks Container Edition is designed to work with any deployment of Cloud Foundry, Tibco has tested and certified the software on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, he said.

According to the company, it offers workload control flexibility so organizations have a variety of deployment options, from on-premises to hybrid cloud. For instance, Bohan said, the solution is appropriate for companies that want to maintain control over their cloud environments by using a private cloud, perhaps because of regulatory or contractual obligations.

A second new solution, Tibco Cloud Integration, is a lightweight cloud platform that features a streamlined user interface to facilitate API development. It is geared toward mid-market companies and also to large enterprises with cloud-based integration projects performed outside the core IT organization.

“Tibco Cloud Integration is targeted at the Web and mobile use cases and the technologies typically leveraged for these use cases such as REST and JASON, where BusinessWorks Container Edition is designed to address these modern use cases as well as the more traditional stateful use cases,” Bohan explained.

Both Tibco Cloud Integration and Tibco BusinessWorks Container Edition are offered as a subscription service, although more traditional licensing options are also available for Tibco BusinessWorks Container Edition, Bohan said.

Tibco BusinessWorks Container Edition will be generally available by the end of the year. Tibco Cloud Integration will be available in November through the company's early adopters program. 

Calling integration “a critical capability of a digital business,” Matt Quinn, Tibco's chief technology officer, said in a statement that the company's “cloud-first approach is really about offering new consumption models for our customers, helping them access the value of the Tibco Fast Data platform in new ways.”

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