Tips for Choosing a CRM System

Mark J

Updated · Sep 13, 2010

With a growing number of CRM products available for public sector government officials, this City & County reports offers advice on how to choose the right public sector CRM product. One tip, as outlined in the
article is to understand that pricing for public sector CRM can vary from a few hundred dollars for off-the-shelf software to more than $1 million. The article suggests that government officials be wary of the extremes on either end.

“3. Look for systems that allow employees to access information remotely: The CRM system information should be available from any web access point or mobile phone. The information also must be password protected and should be available remotely only to view, not to be altered or deleted. The CRM system should be accessible remotely to look up crucial historical information before and during meetings, for example.”

Read the Full “5 Tips for Choosing a CRM System” Story at City & County

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