Tips to Improve Your Current CRM Solution

Mark J

Updated · Jan 14, 2011

In many cases an organization might buy a new CRM solution believing its current technology is
just not working any longer. Not so, says CRM Buyer in this report — fact is buying a new solution is an easy out. This article recommends you first gain an understanding of the new issues your business faces and then map those features to your existing
CRM solution.

“How many established users of CRM maintain this attitude? The more complex your processes become, the harder it is to consider changes, since the ripple effect of those changes means an increasing amount of work in managing the solution as a whole.

“From a managerial point of view, employees don't win promotions for telling the boss that their project will never be completed. As a result, when a CRM application is brought into a business and addresses the problems that triggered its implementation, that tends to be the end of the investment of effort until the pain of ineffective processes forces the issue.

“Another issue is that, perversely, success hampers future success, since there's far less motivation to mess with a successful set of processes than there is to tinker with processes that are tanking. The result can be complacency and a reinforcement of that natural tendency to avoid change.”

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