Tips to Prevent Leaking Leads

Mark J

Updated · Apr 05, 2011

According to this article on B2C, in today's B2B marketplace, revenue cycle management is all about the sales funnel. The article suggests that if your sales funnel is less than streamlined, you may be leaking more leads than you convert. These three tips will help you when optimizing the top and bottom of your sales funnel.

“2. Marketing and sales both cover the middle. Once you've gotten leads into the cycle, the act of lead nurturing must be a cooperative effort. The sales funnel would be a wonderful place to inhabit if all leads went from hot to closed. But it's more realistic to remember that lukewarm describes the temperature of most leads in the middle of the cycle.

“To optimize this part of the funnel, sales reps need to determine quickly when leads aren't ready for conversion. From there, they need to send them back to marketing as fast as possible. This stage is crucial because it's essential that the relationship which starts when leads enter the funnel continues to develop.

“Marketing software is a valuable tool for this point in lead management especially when combined with sales and marketing alignment. Regular meetings are key components to the process – there is no substitute for the best recipe — communication is the foundation of optimization.”

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