Tips to Transform Data into Operational Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Sep 21, 2010

Digitiliti, Inc. (DIGI), a company providing intelligent information management and compliance solutions says that the unfettered growth of unstructured data has left most companies with terabytes of valuable business information locked inside obsolete data sitting largely unused. In this Market Watch release, Digitiliti provides five key points to consider that will enable companies to extract Operational Business Intelligence from obsolete, unstructured data.

“1. Eliminate Multiple Point Solutions with a Single Management Application: The cost of deploying and managing multiple point solutions can easily outweigh the business value of information locked inside unstructured data stores. The preferred solution is to deploy a single, centralized application that can bring order to unstructured data with capabilities such as continuous data protection, global deduplication, content indexing, metadata management, data encryption, life cycle policies and more.

“2. Provide Simple to Use Client Tools: A key to delivering Operational Business Intelligence is providing clients with simple-to-use tools that enable them to search and access data that has been captured and structured to improve business processes and decisions at the user level.”

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