Tools and Platforms for Analytics Support

Mark J

Updated · Jul 12, 2010

As reported in this article, there appears to be a surge in
demand for analytics. As a result, there are also a number of new products and technologies designed to support that interest,
including in-database analytics.

“Some of these new products or technologies are at the platform level and others are more in the way of development tools while some have elements of both.

“In the first category are in-database analytics supported by various data warehouse vendors, though some of the warehouse vendors also provide their own analytic functions in-database so that you don't actually have to rely on third party data mining tools. Also in this category are databases like Hadoop.

“In terms of development, data mining has got much more interesting in the last few years with newer companies like Fuzzy Logix making an entrance to compete with the likes of SAS and SPSS, as well as open source data mining vendors like KNIME. Fuzzy Logix in particular is interesting because of its success in forging partnerships with the likes of Sybase, Netezza, Microsoft and Aster Data.”

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