Top Supply Chain Management Trends of 2010

Mark J

Updated · Dec 30, 2010

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has received more mainstream attention this year than ever before. As noted in this report on Bangkok Post Business story, within both public and private sector organizations the SCM body of knowledge is being recognized and used to facilitate post-recession recovery efforts.

“1. Alignment: As Dr John Gattorna writes and teaches, owners and managers are generally good at strategising but not so good at following or executing those strategies. By clearly articulating the strategy and ensuring that all aspects of people, process and tools are aligned, supply chain management techniques are keys to delivering the intended results.

“2. Sales & Operations Planning: As we have preached for a long time, S&OP is used to “pull it all together”, to get alignment across all of strategy, product, demand, supply, and financial management. With software and consulting services providers all getting on the bandwagon. S&OP has definitely entered the mainstream.”

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