Torrent Introduces WebHouse For Processing, Analyzing Massive Volumes of Clickstream Data Staff

Updated · Dec 18, 2000

CAMBRIDGE, MA–Torrent Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise Analytic Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, today unveiled WebHouse for Orchestrate. The
company says it is the first enterprise CRM solution that transforms and analyzes massive
volumes of clickstream, demographic, and transactional data.

Companies such as United Airlines, ZDNet, and Fingerhut Companies already use Orchestrate, a component-based solution
which Torrent says allows companies to build, deploy, and manage massive custom
applications. They say WebHouse allows companies to create custom Web reporting and
clickstream analysis applications that deliver unlimited scalability and real-time

According to Torrent, WebHouse shattered barriers for clickstream transformation and
analysis by processing over 150 million clickstream records per hour and analyzing more
than 1.7 billion clickstream records in eleven hours. They say it is scalable and will
provide marketers with new insight into customer behavior and the ability to deliver
real-time personalized content to each Web site visitor.

“Fingerhut is always looking for innovative technologies to keep us ahead of the CRM
curve,” said Randy Erdahl, Director of Business Intelligence at Fingerhut. “Torrent’s
Orchestrate helped Fingerhut solve its mail stream optimization speed and data volume
challenges and enabled us to reduce advertising costs. Based on this success, Fingerhut
is looking to Torrent’s WebHouse to solve our clickstream analysis and offline and online
data integration challenges.”

“By allowing companies to move clickstream data into the center of the enterprise,
WebHouse will revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers,” said Tom
Ebling, CEO of Torrent. “Torrent’s high performance infrastructure will liberate data
mining and business intelligence departments from the complications of cleansing,
integrating, and analyzing volumes of valuable clickstream, transaction, and
demographic data – allowing their business to personalize Web site content and offers
for each individual customer in real-time to drive e-commerce profitability.”

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