TrackVia Rolls Out New Build-Your-Own App Features

Ann All

Updated · Feb 01, 2012

Cloud-based database provider TrackVia just introduced a set of new features that add more collaboration and reporting functionality to its online do-it-yourself application builder, which the company says allows workers to build and deploy their own custom software-as-a-service applications to track and manage projects and data.

The new reporting features include a chart wizard that helps users create a variety of charts and graphs, including bar and pie charts, scatter charts, progress gauges and interactive geomaps, and a dashboard tool for creating custom dashboards and displaying real-time URLs.

For collaboration, the tool now includes the ability to share reports and dashboards via email and social platforms like Twitter and to publish public views of reports to websites.

Other new features include added options to set automated reporting schedules or alerts based on time and date, activity or other triggers defined by the user.

Calling traditional reporting “an antiquated process that is often frustrating and eats up a lot of time,” TrackVia CEO Pete Khanna said, “Our dashboard reporting is a dynamic view that is always up to date with real-time information so you never have to spend three hours at the end of the month compiling data. Instead, you get to spend that time evaluating the information and making decisions to improve your business.” 

Earlier this month, TrackVia published a list of the 10 most intriguing applications created by its users. Among them: a Division 1 collegiate football team that uses TrackVia to track data such as height, weight, athletic achievements and SAT scores for its prospects, and a talent agency that uses TrackVia to track employee and customer information for its exotic dancer booking service.

According to the company, its customers have built nearly 6,000 applications, ranging from commonly used business solutions such as CRM, order management and software bug tracking to custom apps for such uses as corporate real estate management, hotel incident and customer tracking, and manufacturing supply chain management.

Pricing for TrackVia’s service is based on number of users, with plans beginning at $35 per month. The company offers a free 14-day trial of the product. A free community version is also available. 

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