UpShot Adds a Dashboard, Notes Integration

Dan Muse

Updated · Jul 28, 2003

In a move designed to target Fortune 1000 companies, Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) vendor UpShot Corp. announced today that it is adding a dashboard feature and integration with Lotus Notes. According to the company's CEO, Keith Raffel, the two features are the most requested by its Fortune 1000 customers.

The UpShot Dashboard, which is available immediately at no additional cost to subscribers, is designed to give CEOs, sales vice presidents and other executives a snapshot of the information most important to them. UpShot said that executives can see a forecast by territory, their company's top 10 deals, pipeline analysis, sales activity by rep and so on. They can also drill down to get more detailed information. The Dashboard is built on Microsoft Excel and is available either offline and online.

“Measuring performance by metrics is critical to every VP of Sales,” said Raffel. “That's especially true for Fortune 1000 enterprises. A quick glance at a graph or chart can distill what's important from lengthy reports, enabling sales VPs to take quick action and meet their forecasts.”

UpShot also announced today integration with Lotus Notes. According to Upshot, users will be able to manage their calendars, tasks and contact information in Lotus Notes or UpShot. They can then synchronize the information between the two applications. Users will also be able to associate any e-mail and attachment they send or receive with the appropriate UpShot account or contact, the company reports.

“Analysts estimate that Lotus Notes has up to 30 percent of the corporate market, largely concentrated in big companies,” Raffel said. “We've been listening to our user base of Fortune 500 companies and are adapting to the way they work. They are demanding. If you can satisfy large enterprises, you can satisfy anyone.”

Lotus Notes integration will be available in October. Raffel said that there will be an additional price for Notes integration, but it has not yet been determined.

UpShot continues to wage war with rival for marketshare among large enterprises. One battle between the two may be fought in the courts. Earlier this month filed a complaint in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against UpShot, alleging that UpShot's recent advertising claims are violations of state and federal laws against false advertising, unfair competition and unfair business practices.

More specifically, is challenging UpShot's claim that it is the “leading Web-based, sales-focused CRM solution.”

Raffel downplayed the claim and said simply, “Our ad is truthful.” itself has been aggressive in its advertising, which it has directed largely at CRM giant Siebel (see Welcome to the CRM Jungle ). even offered a “No Siebel” t-shirts for free by calling an 800 number. “Salesforce suing over an ad is like the person who kills both his parents and then asks for mercy because he's an orphan,” Raffel said.

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