Verizon Connects With Consumer Home Networking

Jim Wagner

Updated · Sep 30, 2002

Almost two weeks after rolling out a wireless home
networking offer for business users
, Verizon is going
to do the same for consumer digital subscriber line (DSL) subscribers.

Verizon officials will make the announcement as early as Monday, and unlike its
business deal, the discounts will apply the same for DSL packages across
the board — Verizon had better rebates geared towards its high-end
business DSL services.

Verizon expects to beat cable companies with home networking packages of
their own by offering their home networking package with no connection
costs, no monthly fee for service or charge for maintenance. AT&T
Broadband charges $4.95 for every IP address a customer has home networked,
so customers with four static IP addresses would pay almost $20 a month to
network those four IPs.

Starting Dec. 1, Verizon will offer the following:

  • Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router – $99.99.
  • Linksys Wireless Cable/DSL Router – $179.99.
  • Linksys wireless USB adapter – $89.99.
  • Linksys wireless network PC card – $89.99.

Earlier this week, MSN officials announced the launch
of its own
wireless home networking
offering for the holiday season, though the
support covers only Microsoft equipment.

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