Vignette Streamlines Partner Interaction

Carol King

Updated · Mar 22, 2001

Vignette Corp. has unveiled an e-business application that provides
customers with personalized support while streamlining communications

Through Virtual Global Marketplace (VGM), users access hosted services
that allow them to conduct business exchanges and manage projects online.
VGM is a total knowledge management environment that enables customers to
consult with Vignette implementation experts as well as receive software
patches immediately.

The hosted services ultimately decreases the time it takes for a client
to get to market, according to Bill Daniel, senior vice president of
products at the Austin, Texas-based firm.

“We believe that VGM will fundamentally change the way software companies
communicate, interact and react with their customers and partners,” he said.
“VGM contains so much information and knowledge that we believe any company,
no matter what the size, can benefit from it.”

For instance, the product provides customized solutions based on a
role-based inquiry process. To access solutions, users simply describe a
scenario, their role within a project, the industry they are involved in and
the goals they want to achieve.

The package includes access to best practice methods, online training,
maps, products, applications, services and road maps.

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