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Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Apr 16, 2001

Imagine having some of these conversations with your online customers while they shop from your site:
"We have a beautiful scarf to complement that sweater you are browsing."
"If your dog likes those peanut butter biscuits, he’ll probably love this peanut butter flavored ball."
"This musical artist has a similar vocal style to the one you are listening to."
"I have that very same luggage carrier and it has survived dozens of airports."

Virtual SalesforceKind of reminds you of the old-fashioned kind of customer service and sales, doesn’t it? With you can combine the traditional customer care of retailing with state-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Groopz allows you to include a Java-based chat interface on your e-store so that you can add a true human element to the shopping experience. Devoid of customer downloads, plug-ins or installations of any kind, Groopz allows you to monitor your site’s traffic activity and engage in live chat with visitors. By overseeing your visitors’ browsing, you can interact and offer personalized assistance, suggestions and information. Customers will feel like they have their own personal shopper and this added feature can drive repeat visits.

Pricing is based on the number of sales reps (or operator "seats"), the chosen options and the preferred billing cycle. Of course, one of the bigger commitments you have to make is to actually have the interface staffed by an employee in order for customers to enjoy all the benefits of a shopping assistant.

More helpful than a FAQ and less intrusive than commission-based salespeople, Groopz combines the best features of old CRM with new CRM.

Reprinted from ECommerce Guide

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