vReps Raise Their IQ

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Updated · Dec 18, 2001

NativeMinds Inc., developer of online customer service software in the form of virtual representatives, has been awarded a patent that will smarten up their product. The patent for technology will allow virtual reps (vRepsTM) to interpret and respond accurately to context-sensitive questions. vReps are automated agents that answer customer questions via two-way, conversational dialog and rules-based display of relevant content from key corporate information sources, including Web site search, CRM knowledgebases, and customer-facing databases.

The context sensitivity component will enable the NeuroServer® powered vReps to have more human-like conversations by recognizing shifts in conversational flow and interacting with online customers more effectively. The invention allows developers of virtual service reps to link particular questions and answers with specific subjects that are used during customer conversations. These links are an integral part of helping vReps understand context in a conversation. The NeuroServer, the engine that manages the interaction between the vRep and the end-user, searches through the list of subjects to determine the context and meaning of ambiguous questions, allowing the vRep to respond appropriately.

“The need for companies to maximize customer loyalty through improved online service has become imperative for business success,” said Walter Tackett, NativeMinds' chairman and co-founder. “Our patented technology ensures that a conversation with a vRep will be both familiar and accurate, giving customers a positive and productive online experience, and creating a reliable, new form of customer service.”

San Francisco-based NativeMinds Inc.'s vReps enhance the customer experience and lower support costs by emulating live customer service agents and deflecting inquiries from more expensive service channels such as call centers and e-mail response. Leading NativeMinds customers include Ford Motor Company, Oracle, Convergys, Nissan, GlaxoSmithKline, Department of Defense, One 2 One (Deutsche Telekom), Miller Brewing Co. and Revlon.

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