vSente Formulates A Strategic CRM Methodology

eCRMGuide.com Staff

Updated · Feb 27, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO–Expanding on a 10-page white paper they published in October 2000, vSente has
begun shipping a 230-page strategic methodology for CRM titled FIRSTmaneuver.

Referring to a statistic stating that up to 80% of all Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
initiatives fail due to unrealized expectations, the company says the original white paper
pointed out that many of these failures can be traced to a fundamental disconnect between
generating revenue and managing relationships. vSente claims FIRSTmaneuver challenges the
basic premises of traditional CRM initiatives by articulating a revenue push methodology
that exploits the real potential of CRM technologies and that it utilizes fundamental,
command, control, communication and intelligence processes (C3i) to maneuver the global sales
force in a manner that generates increased revenue and superior competitive positioning.

FIRSTmaneuver is designed and written for CEOs, CIOs and CROs looking to implement a CRM
initiative or improve an existing one. vSente says the methodology answers the following

    1. Customer or company — from whose viewpoint should the initiative be executed?

    2. Revenue or relationship — what objectives are necessary to assure a successful initiative?

    3. CIO or CEO — who needs to lead a successful initiative?

    4. Technology or methodology — what is the best approach for a successful solution?

    5. CRM or C3i — what is the best utilization?

FIRSTmaneuver contains a review of 10 CRM vendors including Interact, Onyx, Oracle,
Pivotal and Siebel, an analysis of the CRM industry, a description of C3i processes,
a narrative of a C3i architecture, and includes 21 diagrams, 8 tables and a collection of
campaigning resources, according to vSente. The company says the methodology is available at
$895 per single copy and that excerpts from it along with the table of contents and
ordering information can be found at www.vsente.com.

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