WalkMe Debuts Automation Tool for Enterprise Apps

Sean Michael

Updated · May 18, 2018

Automation in the modern IT landscape has often been equated with orchestration of high-level infrastructure processes. There is another side to automation as well, with process automation for business applications.

On May 15, WalkMe announced its new WalkMe Automation tool that helps to automate workflow in common processes and forms used in business business applications. It’s an area that the company refers to as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which eliminates common tasks and aims to make it easier for end users to get value out of business applications.

“When employees think about automation, they typically associate it with skills gaps, job losses and other negative consequences,” Rephael Sweary, co-founder and president at WalkMe, said. “With WalkMe Automation, however, rather than targeting back-end operations, we’re squarely focused on improving the employee experience as they use any enterprise application.”

The WalkMe Automation tool is integrated with the company’s digital adoption platform that can run on top of any type of enterprise application.

The new automation component builds on other enhancements WalkMe has made to its platform in 2018. In February, WalkMe announced artificial intelligence (AI) predictive analytics, which can understand user actions in order to predict what should come next and boost user engagement.

“Organizations across every size and sector invest hundreds of millions of dollars globally in technologies that they believe will deliver a greater customer experience — only to find that they have incorrectly anticipated the user’s needs,” Sweary said. “If someone is out for a morning run, for example, it’s clearly an unsuitable time for a bank to ask them about a home loan they were interested in — a better time may be in the evening when they’re relaxing at home.”

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