WebSideStory Connects Analytics with Enterprise Apps

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Updated · Apr 17, 2003

In a move designed to allow its customers to exchange data with enterprise applications, Web analytics ASP, WebSideStory Inc. yesterday announced the launch of HitBox Business Integration services. The service is designed to allow clients to transfer data in and out of the HitBox hosted data warehouse.

According to WebSideStory, the service enables businesses to integrate visitor and customer information collected by HitBox real-time Web analytics services (down to the individual browsing sessions) and merge it with online and offline enterprise applications, including customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence, sales force automation (SFA) and enterprise marketing automation.

“Some companies continue using traditional Web log-file software for fear of losing their historical data,” said Jeff Lunsford, chairman and CEO of WebSideStory. “HitBox Business Integration services provide an elegant migration path to the next generation of Web analytics while preserving the valuable data of the past. In addition, we are delivering data-feed and integration capabilities that will allow HitBox customers to integrate with other important enterprise applications.”

HitBox Business Integration services consist of the following:

  • HitBox DataFeed: Transfers Web visitor and customer data into other
    critical enterprise applications with a convenient XML feed.

  • HitBox DataFeed Plus: Transfers session-level Web visitor and
    customer data that support businesses’ internal standards for
    individual user identification, enabling a broad view of customers and

  • Web Log Migration: Incorporates data from legacy systems such as Web
    log file software or outsourced service providers into the hosted,
    managed HitBox data warehouse.

    The company also says that all the data made available through these services is in industry
    standard formats that can be used in relational databases or data

    WebSideStory is listed by ASPnews as a Top 20 Service Provider.

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