Webtrends Segments Data to Optimize Customer Marketing

Mark J

Updated · Apr 06, 2010

Webtrends has announced the release of a new module that allows companies to build and automate audience segments in real time.

"The add-on to Webtrends Visitor Data Mart, Webtrends Segments, enables marketers to build profiles to improve conversion rates and marketing campaigns by isolating individuals and behavior, understand habits and preferences, and more accurately define online and offline marketing programs," writes MediaPost's Laurie Sullivan.

"Let's say a Seattle-based retail store plans to open a location in Los Angeles with products geared toward women ages 18 to 35 who like to snow ski," Sullivan writes. "Similar to a search engine spider that crawls Web sites indexing pages, technology in the Webtrends module searches data collected from the retailer's Web site, Facebook page, email campaigns and more. Segments builds audience files for the Los Angeles area based on this data and pours it into an email retargeting or behavioral targeting (BT) display ad platform."

Click on the following to read the MediaPost article: Webtrends To Release Audience Segmentation Automation Module

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