40+ Mind-Blowing Reddit Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind in 2024

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Updated · Jan 29, 2024

40+ Mind-Blowing Reddit Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind in 2024

Reddit Statistics: In 2024, Reddit, a prominent social media platform, has continued to demonstrate significant growth and user engagement. This report delves into the comprehensive statistics of Reddit, providing a detailed analysis of user demographics, engagement patterns, content trends, and revenue streams. As of my last update in April 2023, Reddit boasted over 430 million monthly active users, with a substantial increase anticipated in the 2024 figures. The platform's unique structure, based on user-created communities known as ‘subreddits', caters to a wide array of interests, contributing to its expansive user base.

The growth of Reddit can be attributed to several key factors. The platform's diverse content range, encompassing topics from entertainment to education, attracts a broad audience. In addition, the upvote-downvote system encourages community-led content curation, enhancing user experience and retention. The demographic spread of Reddit users is varied, with a notable concentration in the 18-29 age group, indicating a strong appeal among younger internet users. This report aims to provide an in-depth analysis of these trends, backed by the latest data available, to understand Reddit's market position in 2024.

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  • Reddit is worth approximately USD 15 billion.
  • It was first used in 2021 by 440.0 million users around the globe.
  • It is the 9th most visited site in the United States.
  • Reddit boasts 430,000,000 active users each month.
  • There are more than 2 million unique subreddits. They are also called “communities.”
  • Its content is heavily based on external links.
  • Every day, over 150 million unique pages on Reddit are viewed.
  • The popular titles contain more than 20 and less than 120 characters.
  • The platform is used by more men than women.
  • There were 41,037 new subreddits created in February 2022.
  • Nearly half of its users are from the United States.
  • When it comes to learning about new products, 82% of Gen-Z users trust Reddit.
  • The important days to post on the Reddit site are weekends and Mondays.
  • Reddit receives 99.99% of traffic from organic keyword searches.
  • Technology-related content is in high demand.
  • Reddit makes fitness and health topics more popular every year.
  • As of July 2023, Reddit Statistics show that the platform generated global traffic of 4.98 billion which is 12% more as compared to June 2023 at only 4.4 billion.

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Reddit Facts

  • User Demographics: A significant portion of Reddit users are male, comprising 65.02% of the user base. The platform is especially popular among younger age groups, with the largest segments being 25-34 years old (31.70%) and 18-24 years old (30.78%).
  • Global Traffic: The United States remains the primary source of Reddit's global traffic, contributing 48.69% of the visits. Other countries with significant traffic include the United Kingdom (7.05%), Canada (6.99%), Australia (4.19%), and Germany (3.14%).
  • Content Creation: In the first half of 2023, Reddit users created an impressive 4.4 billion pieces of content. Furthermore, over 878,000 new discussion communities were established during this period.
  • Trust in Reviews: Reddit is highly trusted for product and service reviews, with 82% of Generation Z users expressing confidence in the reviews they find on the platform.
  • Engagement: The average time spent on the Reddit website per session has decreased slightly to 7 minutes and 59 seconds. Despite this, Reddit's active engagement remains high, with a growing number of users and content.
  • Subreddit Proliferation: The number of active subreddits continues to grow, with over 3.4 million active communities as of 2022. This diversity allows users to find niche communities that cater to their specific interests.
  • Popular Categories: Among the most popular categories on Reddit, video games and consoles hold a significant place, accounting for 17.40% of the forum's traffic.
  • Content Strategy: Posts with titles having less than 120 characters tend to receive more engagement, potentially reaching up to 8,700 upvotes.
  • Platform Use: A substantial 72% of Reddit users report using the platform primarily for entertainment, while 43% use it to get news.

General Reddit Statistics

#1. Reddit is valued at US$15 billion.

Reddit's total worth was 73.8% from seven funding rounds during the period 2005-2021. The company was founded in the first round, which cost USD 100,000. Reddit's next funding round took place in August 2021, and USD 410 million was raised, bringing the overall value of Reddit to USD 10 billion. (Source: New York Times and Backlinko)

As of 2024, Reddit has been aiming for a valuation of approximately USD 15 billion in anticipation of its Initial Public Offering (IPO). This valuation marks a significant increase from previous years, reflecting the platform's continued growth and influence in the social media landscape. Reddit's journey from its early days to its current status as a major player in the digital world demonstrates its evolving business model and appeal to a wide user base​

#2. Reddit was established in 2005.

Reddit was founded by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, two of their roommates, along with Aaron Schwartz. It was established at the University of Virginia in the US on 23rd June 2005. (Source: Flickr)

#3. Reddit is Australia's 6th most downloaded social media application as of January 2022.

Reddit is Australia's most popular social media app with almost 4.76 million downloads, as of January 2022.

It has 122.5 million worldwide downloads. Reddit reported a nearly doubled increase in monthly Reddit installs since January. There were 2.9-6.6 million apps downloaded in Jan 2021. (Source: Statista, Sensor Tower, and Backlinko)

#4. Reddit was used by 440.10 million people worldwide in 2021.

Reddit's user statistics show a steady rise in users, from 426.01 million in 2019 to nearly 3 million more by 2020. There are 429.87 million worldwide. This number is expected to rise even further in 2025, reaching 457.73 million users. (Source: Statista)

#5. In Feb 2022, the Reddit platform received nearly 1.5 billion views.

According to Statista data, in February 2022, the online forum received nearly 1.5 billion views. As a result, Reddit is the most-visited website across the globe.

By Device Traffic

(Reference: semrush.com)

The overall traffic from global sources is majorly through mobile devices as of the last 6 months of 2023. United States of America, Canada, and India are the top 3 countries with the highest traffic towards reddit.com with a respective share of 43.5%, 6.7%, and 5.71%. There are 72.7% unique visitors from mobile devices and 27.3% desktop traffic in a similar period.

Reddit's Global Visitors Statistics

(Source: Statista)

#6. Reddit was used in 2020 by 17.65 million Australians.

Reddit has a 4.5% share of all traffic on the application from Australia, which is 17 million people. Nearly 3.85% of that traffic comes from desktop devices.

Reddit's 17 million Australian users account for 4.5% of total traffic on the application, with 3.85% coming from desktop devices. The Reddit statistics from Australia show that the US has almost half the Reddit users, with 46.65%. (Source: Statista, Reddit, and Similar Web)

By Demographics

(Reference: similarweb.com)

According to Reddit Statistics of gender-wise distribution shows that the majority of the users are male 66.09% while the female contribution is 33.91%. The overall contribution from age group-wise distribution shows the highest number of users belonging to the 25 to 34 years of age group.

By Website Traffic Sources

(Reference: similarweb.com)

Reddit.com generates the majority of the traffic through organic search resulting in 51.65%. As per the statistics, display advertising and paid search contribute only 0.01% each.

By Content, Traffic and Subreddits

Reddit is a community-driven platform that mainly focuses on user-generated content, community discussion, and participation rather than advertising. Then why should marketers still be keeping an eye on the Reddit website? The following Reddit statistics provide the answer.

#7. Reddit ranked 9th among the most visited websites in the United States.

As we continue to look through Reddit's collection of fun facts, we discover that Reddit is now one of the most popular websites in America. But, the website is now in 20th place on the global site. (Source: Ahrefs)

#8. By 2024, the number of unique subreddits on Reddit had increased to over 3.4 million.

This substantial growth from the more than 2 million unique subreddits reported in 2022 highlights Reddit's expanding user engagement and the diverse interests catered to by these numerous communities. (Source: Oberlo)

#9. Reddit has 430 million monthly active users from all around the world.

How extensive is Reddit's user base? According to data from 2019, 430 million people visit Reddit each month. This is a 30% rise over the previous year when 330 million users were reached. (Source: Oberlo)

#10. Reddit's comments growth is 12% year-over-year.

The platform had 2.3 billion comments as of November 2021. This is 12% more than the 2 billion comments in the last year. In 2021, there was a 1% rise in upvotes; the total number of upvotes was 46 billion. (Source: Reddit)

#11. Approximately 41,037 new subreddits were created in February 2022.

Roughly 51,509 subreddits enhanced the Reddit platform in January 2022. The total number of subreddits that were added in the period January 2021 was 558,799.

The highest number of subreddits newly added was 87,375 in June 2021. (Source: Front Page Metrics and Backlinko)

#12. External links are highly valued types of content.

According to Reddit stats, users desire to discover new content and websites relevant to their interests. As a result, postings with external links get more than 16,000 upvotes than posts that contain text alone. (Source: FoundationInc)

#13. 130,000 subreddits are active out of the total number of subreddits.

Active communities are those that get more than 5 comments each day. Unsurprisingly, just 130,000 out of the total 2.2 million subreddits are included in that count.

Marketing professionals want to maximize the active user base. The best way to do this is to interact with the community. Reddit posts should not be too “promotional .”This will be unacceptable to the community. (Source: Oberlo)

#14. Reddit receives more than 150 million page views each day.

If you did not realize the enormity of the Reddit site before now, you should now be convinced of its potential (and of the utility and value of Reddit statistics). (Source: QuickSprout)

#15. The most popular titles contain more than 20 characters and less than 120 characters.

The middle of the range is considered to be the best. The titles of Reddit's most popular posts are between 60 to 80 characters. (Source: FoundationInc)

#16. Reddit is used daily by 6% of online adults!

Imagine it this way: 6 out of 100 adults staring at their laptops and phones in the subway are surfing via Reddit. In addition, the percentage of US young adults using Reddit is even more impressive.
(Source: Pew Research Center)

#17. Reddit is visited over 21 billion times per month!

The Reddit website receives approximately 21 billion screen views each month. If you've been following our comprehensive list of Reddit stats, you will be aware of how to make use of this fantastic site.

Now is the moment to focus more on content-related statistics. (Source: HubSpot)

#18. The crucial days to post on the Reddit site are weekends and Mondays.

If you are a morning person, you're in luck: according to Reddit's statistics, users prefer to surf their favorite platform early in the day.

Mondays between 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., Saturdays between 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and Sundays till noon are the most popular hours to post on the Reddit site. The adage goes, “The early mole digs the deepest hole.” (Source: Xcart)

#19. Reddit receives nearly 21 billion page views each month.

Yes, you read that correctly. It's 21 billion. If that doesn't impress you, it's time to brush up on your Reddit history. The same site had less than 2 million visitors in 2008. This is what we call rapid growth.
(Source: DMR)

#20. 70% of Reddit videos are viewed on mobile devices.

Reddit's majority of video viewers prefer to watch their favorite content on their smartphones – 70% of them, to be exact.

According to Reddit stats, users who watch videos on Reddit spend twice as long on the website than other users.
You might think that video content is a safe bet. (Source: Variety)

Reddit User Demographics

Before diving into the Reddit demographics, it is essential to understand that Reddit is highly popular among Gen Xers and Millennials. They often use the platform to discover new products.

Marketing your brand correctly can help you turn this interest into profit. Let's look at these Reddit user stats to see what we can learn.

#21. Nearly half of Reddit members have completed their bachelor's degree or above.

If you want to enter the Reddit marketing game, you will be dealing with highly educated people- roughly 42% of Reddit users have a college degree. Other intriguing Reddit facts include that 40% of members have started their college, and 18% of members have completed high school. (Source: Pew Research Center)

#22. Reddit is most famous among adults aged between 25 to 29 in the United States.

According to Reddit's demographics, almost 25% of US adults between the ages of 25 to 29 use the Reddit platform. This is a significant percentage compared to the 6% of users who are older than 50. (Source: Marketing Charts)

#23. 70% of Reddit members are Non-Hispanic whites.

Reddit's predominant population is non-Hispanic whites, followed by Hispanics (12%) and African Americans (7%). (Source: TechJunkie)

#24. The 18 to 29 age group accounts for 22% of Reddit members.

Most Reddit users are young adults between 18 to 29, as expected. Furthermore, 14% of users aged 30 to 49 used Reddit on a regular basis. As a result, it is safe to infer that most of the platform's users are younger. (Source: TechJunkie)

#25. Nearly half of Reddit members are from the United States.

According to September 2020 desktop traffic data, this figure is 49.69%.
Next up on the list are the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Australia. English-speaking countries dominate the platform. Reddit account statistics are proof of this. (Source: Statista)

#26. In the United States, around 15% of Reddit users are males.

According to Reddit traffic stats from 2019, nearly 15% of US males use Reddit. On the other hand, only 8% of females said that they use the Reddit platform. (Source: Statista)

#27. Reddit's user-driven approach is favored by 51% of Gen Zers.

Gen Z users claim that Reddit is a unique platform because you can create unique content, share what you enjoy with other Redditors, interact with them, and comment on various topics. (Source: RedditBlog)

#28. Redditors account for 35% of those who earn more than $75,000 per annum.

Reddit users are not only highly educated, but they also tend to be wealthy. This could have a significant impact on your marketing strategy. (Source: Pew Research Center)

#29. 82% of Generation Z Redditors believe the platform is trustworthy when looking for new products.

Reddit traffic stats reveal that most Generation Z members use this platform to search for new products. This number exceeds that of social media platforms by quite a bit. It is only beaten by Amazon (86%) and Google (85%). (Source: HubSpot)

#30. YouTube is the most popular social media platform, with 47.63% of visitors directing traffic to Reddit.

Reddit receives 50.25% of its traffic from direct sources, while 47.08% of traffic comes via search. The remaining 2.5% of traffic on Reddit comes from display advertisements.

Following nearly half the YouTube directs, you will find that Twitter receives around 21.20%, and Facebook receives approximately 14.85% of traffic. (Source: Another website)

#31. Reddit has approximately 2.1 million atheists.

The total number of users on Reddit can be used to understand the significance of the following number: 2.1 million are subscribed to the main subreddit for atheist content.

Reddit is popular among atheists, despite having several Christian users. At least, that is what subreddit traffic statistics show. (Source: TechJunkie)

#32. Reddit receives 99.99% of traffic from organic keyword searches.

Only 0.1% of searches are generated by paid keywords that send traffic to the Reddit site. These are the top five most searched keywords out of 18.4K keywords:

  • Livestreamfails:- 0.48%
  • Reddit Ukraine:- 0.52%
  • Reddit lost ark:- 0.59%
  • Lost Ark Reddit:- 1.14%
  • Reddit :- 10.87%

(Source: Similar Web)

Reddit Trends

Reddit marketing can be tricky, but it can also be very lucrative. One of the difficulties is that Reddit users are known to report sales-oriented content and flag it as spam.

Is it worth your money and time to invest in this platform? Reddit statistics will be presented to show future trends of this platform.

#33. Reddit's engagement rate is increasing rapidly.

The latest Reddit post statistics show that monthly comments have increased by 37% (YoY) year-over-year between 2018 and 2019. These rates will likely rise as the site grows and the user base expands. (Source: SocialMediaToday)

#34. Reddit makes fitness and health topics more popular every year.

According to subreddit statistics, interest in health and fitness-related topics increased by 43% between 2017 and 2018. The size and number of the communities continue to grow. This might catch your eye if you own a health and fitness-related firm. (Source: RedditBlog)

#35. Some of the rapidly growing communities are mainly based on memes.

Although the future of your brand may not be a joke, you may make it look like one. The recent Reddit amazing facts show that the “meme industry” had over 16,000 new subscribers and was at the top of its game in 2020. Now is the best time to expand your humor-based marketing strategies. (Source: FrontPageMetrics)

#36. Reddit fell from third to sixth place in the United States in two years.

Some forecasts are not optimistic. For instance, between 2018 & 2020, the Reddit platform fell by three places from the number one most visited site in the United States. This trend continues. In 2021 Reddit ranked 7th, just behind giants such as Amazon, Google, and YouTube.

Let's now get into the Reddit strange facts- it depends on how you define Reddit popularity. Alexa ranks the Reddit website based on the number of page views in the past month and daily visits. However, Reddit drops to 9th place if you consider its popularity based on the average monthly organic visitors. (Source: Alexa)

#37. Technology-related content is in high demand.

Reddit statistics indicate that the total engagement in technology communities has increased by 24% YoY by the end of 2018. They received significantly more votes, comments, and posts. This was just the beginning; you can use this information wisely! (Source: RedditBlog)

#38. The popularity of style and beauty subreddits has also increased.

More on subreddit activity statistics: During the same period (2018-2019), style and beauty subscribers grew by 63% and 52% year-over-year. If you have a business connected to these domains, you could benefit from the ongoing growth of these communities. (Source: SocialMediaToday)

#39. The platform's advertising revenue is steadily growing.

Reddit's history reveals that the platform generated $119 million in advertising revenue in 2019. Reddit website is expected to double its revenue by 2022, reaching $212.5 million. (Source: Backlinco)

#40. The future of food trends appears to be bright.

Reddit's most popular topic is food, with a solid 35% year-over-year rise in subscribers across all 50 food communities on the website. These are ongoing trends, as shown by the recent Reddit facts. It might be helpful if you are a marketer for any of these industries. (Source: SocialMediaToday)


These 30 impressive Reddit statistics can help you create your marketing strategy. Reddit users may not be an easy target, as you can see by these facts, but they are one of the fastest-growing websites on the Internet.

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