33 Mind-Blowing Pinterest Statistics and Trends for 2022: Everything You Need to Know

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Updated · May 24, 2022

33 Mind-Blowing Pinterest Statistics and Trends for 2022: Everything You Need to Know
Pinterest Statistics: Pinterest is an image-search platform that works similarly to an online mood board. Users can pin images they like to boards. Images can be uploaded by users and repinned by others. Pinterest was launched by Evan Sharp, Paul Sciarra, and Ben Silbermann in March 2010 to friends and family. Silbermann previously worked at Google in the advertising department. Before Pinterest, Sciarra and Silbermann launched the Tote app, which failed to gain popularity. After Pinterest launched in 2010, it quickly became one of the top ten social media sites in 2011. Pinterest filed for IPO in March 2019 at a valuation of $10.6 billion to $11.3 billion. After a short downturn in which Pinterest stock was valued at less than $6 billion, it is observed that Pinterest’s market cap has risen to more than $35 billion. In addition, Pinterest saw an increase in monthly users and spending during the coronavirus pandemic like most social media companies. This article will find the latest data, statistics, trends, and other information about Pinterest. Please continue reading to learn more about Pinterest. These statistics provide helpful information about how marketers and consumers use Pinterest and can aid in developing your strategy. Ready? Let’s get started!

Pinterest Usage Statistics

First, let’s look at a few Pinterest statistics regarding usage. These stats reveal more about this year’s latest state of the platform.

#1. Pinterest is the 14th most popular social network worldwide.

Pinterest has not won any awards in the social-media popularity contest. It is not in the top 10 social media sites for the monthly active users. In addition, Facebook is the most used social media site worldwide and has over 8x as many users. That does not mean that Pinterest isn’t useful for marketers. After all, reach is not everything. most popular social networks worldwide as of january 2022 ranked by number of monthly active users statistics

#2. Pinterest platform had 454 million MAUs (Monthly Active Users) in 2nd quarter of 2021.

If Pinterest were a country, it would be the third-largest country globally, with a population greater than the United States. As of the second quarter of 2021, the Pinterest platform had 454 million monthly active users. Surprisingly, this is down by nearly 24 million from the previous quarter. However, it is essential to note a slight drop in users during the previous quarter. This is due to a rapid increase in users over the last two years, which was influenced by changing consumer behavior due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Pinterest’s audience increased from 291 at the beginning of 2019 to 478 million at the beginning of 2021. monthly active pinterest users

#3 Pinterest is the second-fastest-growing social media platform.

Pinterest is not the most popular social media platform globally, but it is one of the most rapidly growing platforms. Pinterest’s monthly active users increased by 32% in just two years (between 2019 to 2021). This is a faster growth rate of monthly active users than any other platform except TikTok. Furthermore, Instagram is one of Pinterest’s main competitors, increased at half of the rate and grew its user base by 16% in the same duration. TikTok increased at the fastest rate and grew its monthly active users by around 38%, Twitter grew only 8%, and Facebook grew nearly 19%. Social Media Platforms - Growth of Monthly Active Users

#4. Pinterest users watch around 1 billion videos per day.

You might be wrong if you thought Pinterest was only for sharing images. It is also a video platform. Videos have been a growing segment of the platform for some time. Users now watch nearly 1 billion videos every day on the platform. This is still far behind YouTube, the dedicated video hosting platform where users watch 5 billion videos every day, but it’s still impressive. Pinterest users watch around 1 billion videos per day.

#5. Pinterest users have saved more than 240 billion Pins to date.

Pins are similar to bookmarks on Pinterest if you didn’t know. When people come across a video or an image they like, they may ‘Pin’ it to save it to their Pinterest board so they can return to it later. Pinterest users have saved more than 240 billion Pins to date. That works out to nearly 528 Pins per monthly active user. This shows the platform’s massive size. Pinterest users have saved more than 240 billion Pins to date.

#6. The mobile app is used by 85% of Pinterest users.

Because most users access Pinterest through the mobile app, it seems to be a mobile-first social media site. Only 15% of people visit Pinterest via their desktop. The end result? Make sure your Pinterest content is optimized for small-screen viewing.

#7. 91% of Pinners log into their desktop or mobile apps at least once a month.

Most Pinterest users visit the application at least once per month. 68% of users also visit Pinterest app weekly, while only 26% do so daily. Pinterest Use Frequency

#8. More people use Pinterest for home decor inspiration than for anything else.

Pinterest’s home decor section is vast. In fact, most users claim that they have used the site to get ideas for their home projects in the recent month. The platform is also used to find clothing/beauty inspiration, fitness and health inspiration, or recipe ideas.
Pinterest Use Purpose Percentages

#8. 4 out 10 Pinterest users use the platform to search for brands and products.

According to a recent study, the most common reason individuals use Pinterest is to find information about several brands and products, with 4/10 people using the Pinterest platform for this purpose. ‘Finding entertaining or funny content’ is the second most common reason for using Pinterest, and the third common reason is ‘to share/post videos.’ This is different than other social media platforms, such as Facebook, which allows you to message your friends and family. On the other hand, Instagram will enable you to share or post videos and photos. This indicates that Pinterest is more of a product-oriented social network than a traditional social networking site. Top 3 Uses of Social Media

#10. 97% of top Pinterest searches are not branded.

Pinterest users are looking for inspiration rather than specific products because nearly all of the top searches on the site are unbranded. It offers a unique opportunity for smaller brands and new businesses to reach new customers without having brand bias play a role in purchasing decisions.

#11. Pinterest trends expand faster than any other place on the internet.

Pinterest catches on to trends faster than other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. On average, Pinterest trends rise by nearly 56% in six months as compared to 38% elsewhere. On Pinterest, trends also last 20% longer.

#12. 8 out 10 Pinterest users believe the site makes them feel happy.

When we talk about social media, it’s a hot topic. Many people have a love-hate relationship, and some users feel that it can negatively impact mental health and positivity. On the other hand, Pinterest does not appear to affect people. According to a recent report, nearly 80% of Pinterest users feel that Pinterest makes their lives more positive. This is important, considering that 6 in 10 consumers believe they are more likely to trust, remember, and buy from brands they encounter in a good environment.

#13. 85% of Pinterest users agree that Pinterest is the best platform to start a new project.

Pinterest is quite popular with creatives because it allows them to find inspiration, visually plan projects, and much more. When it comes to launching new projects, 85% of users say it is the first place they visit.

Pinterest User Demographics

Next, we’ll look at the people who use the Pinterest platform. These statistics are related to Pinterest user demographics.

#14. Pinterest is gaining popularity with men.

Pinterest is a popular platform for females. However, it is growing in popularity among male users. The number of male pinners has increased by 40% over the past year. This suggests that Pinterest is working hard to close the gender gap.

#15. Women are 77% of Pinterest users.

Pinterest is one of the unique platforms among the several social media platforms that demonstrate a clear gender split. It is trendy among female users, with 1.5 times more women using the Pinterest platform than men. pinterest user shares

#16. Nearly a quarter (25%) of people in their 30s is on the Pinterest platform.

If you break down Pinterest users by age, the most significant portion of Pinterest users is between the 30 to 39 age group. Around 23.9% of Pinterest users are in this age range. The second-largest age group is between 40 to 49. This age range makes up 20.1%. Compared to other social media sites, the overall age spread remains relatively even. Pinterest App Monthly Users

#17. Pinterest users are greater in the US than in any other country.

Pinterest’s United States audience size is 89.9 million, more than three times the other country’s audience. Brazil is in 2nd position with 27.5 million Pinterest users, and Mexico is in the third position with 14.5 million. Surprisingly, all the countries included in the list came from Europe, South America, and North America. The use of Pinterest in other large regions such as Africa and Asia remains low.

#18.Gen Z users have increased by 40% year on year.

Pinterest is gaining traction with the younger generation despite its popularity among older age groups. The number of users in Generation Z (those between the ages of 13 to 24) has increased by 40% YOY (year over year). The number of Millennial who use Pinterest in the United States is also increased by 35% YOY.

#19. 40% of the United States users are over 46 years old and use Pinterest.

It is interesting to note that Pinterest has the highest penetration rate among older age groups. Pinterest is used by 40% of people aged 46 to 55 and 40% of users aged 56 and more. By contrast, only 23% of individuals aged 15 to 25 use the Pinterest site. What does this all mean? Pinterest is one of the essential social media platforms that can successfully cater to both younger generations and older consumers.

Pinterest Revenue Statistics

Are you thinking about investing in Pinterest? Or Are you curious to see how much revenue Pinterest generates? Take a look at the Pinterest stats below!

#20. Pinterest's global average revenue per user (ARPU) is $1.32.

The worldwide average revenue per user refers to the total US dollar generated by the platform each quarter. This amount was $1.32 per user in 2020. Although it may not appear to be much, it is quite a healthy figure. The APRU increased from $1.04 the previous year. Pinterest's Global Average Revenue Quater

#21. Pinterest's Q1 of 2022 revenue increased 18% YOY (year-over-year) to $575 million.

Pinterest revenue increased 18% YOY (year-over-year) to $575 million despite a challenging geopolitical and macroeconomic environment. Pinterest made significant progress in Q1 of 2022, executing some long-term strategies. Pinterest continued to scale its creators' ecosystem, and native content started beta testing Your Shop (Pinterest's personalized shopping surface). In addition, Pinterest released open API to allow any developer to build applications for creators, Pinners, advertisers, and merchants," stated Ben Silbermann, co-founder, and CEO of Pinterest. Pinterest 2022 First Quarter Revenue
Global Annual Revenue of Pinterest 2016 - 2021 (In Millions)

#22. However, that figure rises to $5.08 in the United States.

Surprisingly, Pinterest's average revenue per user in the US is significantly higher. The United States is home to most Pinterest users. This amount indicates how much US customers love to shop. In the US, the platform's average revenue per user is $5.08 compared to $0.36 in other countries. Global Average Revenue Per user (In US Dollars)

Pinterest Statistics for Marketers

Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Here are some important Pinterest statistics that every marketer should know.

#23. Pinterest has an advertising reach of nearly 200 million people.

Although just a tiny proportion of advertisers use the Pinterest site, it still has a significant reach in advertising. Around 200.8 million individuals can potentially be reached via ads on the platform. That is around 3.3% of the worldwide population over the age of 13. In addition, 77.1% of those ad viewers are female, while just 14.5% of ad viewers are male. Global Average Revenue Per user (In US Dollars)

#24. Pinterest is used by 25% of social media marketers.

Pinterest is not as popular among social media marketers, despite having marketing potential. Only 1/4th of marketers use the Pinterest platform compared with 78% who use Instagram and 93% who use Facebook. This indicates that the platform is still heavily underutilized. However, this can be a positive thing because there is less competition.

#25. Pinterest generates two times higher returns.

Pinterest ads are more cost-efficient than other social media platforms. It's also estimated that they offer retail firms two times higher returns on ad investment than social media platforms. This is fantastic news for marketers on a tight budget who want to maximize their return on investment.

#26. Pinterest advertisements are 2.3x more cost-effective than other social media advertisements.

Pinterest Advertise states that advertising on the platform is cost-effective and efficient for your marketing budget. Pinterest ads offer roughly 2.3x more efficient CPC (cost per conversion) than ads on other social media sites. This applies to major social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest advertisements are 2.3x more cost-effective than other social media advertisements.

#27. Pinterest users spend two times more per month than those using other platforms.

According to the latest statistics, Pinterest users like to shop; they spend two times more per month than those who use other platforms. They are also 35% more likely to take at least a week or longer to decide on a product purchase choice, as they prefer to browse and are not in a hurry to buy selected products. Although Pinterest users tend to shop slowly, it is a good thing for marketing. Slow shoppers make better buying decisions and are more willing to spend on their products.

#28. 75% of people are more likely to say that they consistently shop on the Pinterest platform than other platform users.

Pinterest users love shopping. They are 75% more likely than others to say that they shop often, and 40% of users are more likely to say that they love shopping. Pinterest users will love to shop. It is not surprising, considering the platform was built for shopping and has native shopping features. Pinterest Users Relationship To

#29. Pinterest users spend 6% more per order.

Pinterest users are big spenders on a per-order basis. Pinterest Shopping revealed that Pinterest users spend approximately 6% more per purchase than those who use other social networks for shopping. They also added 85% more into their baskets.

#30. Around 50% of Pinterest users are more likely to be open to new brands.

Pinterest users are receptive to the latest trends and new brands entering the market when it comes to purchasing. They are 50% more likely than other social media users to be open to new products and brands, according to Pinterest shopping. They are also more likely to stick with brands they love when shopping online.

#31. Brands that use Pinterest Shopping advertisements get 3x conversions.

Pinterest Shopping ads are an excellent way to get people to click on your products and make purchases. Pinterest Shopping says that "brands can add collections or other Pinterest Shopping advertisements to their campaigns will increase sales lifts and conversions three times. They also get twice the positive incremental returns on advertising spend." Pinterest Shopping ads simplify users to search for the products they are looking for and then navigate to the seller for a purchase.

#32. Pinterest users are 7x more likely to buy products that they have saved.

Pinning several products allows customers to think about their purchasing decisions and quickly return to items they are interested in. As a result, users are more inclined to buy items they have pinned than items they haven't. Pinterest has added a shopping list feature to make it even easier for Pinners to purchase things they've saved.

#33. 80% of weekly users have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.

The Pinterest platform is a great place for users to discover new products and brands that they like. In fact, nearly 80% of users who access the site every week have found the current products or new brands that they love while browsing pins.


Pinterest can be used to increase your brand's social media presence online. It can be used to promote your products to the right audience and drive engagement. Moreover, as you can see, Pinterest is a popular social media platform for marketers, with an active, large, and growing user base of 'slow shoppers' who are looking to find new brands and products. Hopefully, above mentioned Pinterest statistics will assist you in developing a better and more data-driven social media marketing campaign.


Is Pinterest still popular 2022?

Pinterest is used by 444 million people. Pinterest is used by 444 million people for inspiration. Pinterest users get inspiration for what to wear, how to cook, and many other things.

How do I open Pinterest Analytics?

Open the Pinterest app from your phone and log into your Pinterest business account. To access your profile, tap the profile picture in the bottom-right. Tap the chart icon in the upper-left corner. Select Analytics.

How do I see monthly viewers on Pinterest?

You can still see the total monthly views by opening your Pinterest Analytics. Selecting Overview. Select "Monthly Total Audience" from the drop-down menu under "Performance Over Time"

How do you see how many times your pin has been repinned?

Tailwind is available for you to try. Click "Publish" on your dashboard menu and then click on "Published pins". What's this? This screen will display the individual pins as well as their date of pinning, board to which they were pinned and how many repins they have.

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