Key Digital Marketing Statistics To Support Creative Advertising Strategy In 2022

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Updated · May 16, 2022

Key Digital Marketing Statistics To Support Creative Advertising Strategy In 2022

Digital Marketing Statistics: The space of digital content marketing keeps changing frequently. Things that are essential today might not be potent enough in the future. Marketing professionals need to be updated with the latest statistics on content marketing, search engine optimization or paid promotion to meet customers’ demands and offer a personalized consumer experience. Here we have come up with the latest digital marketing statistics that will show how huge the digital marketing space has become in the past few years.

Vital Digital Marketing Statistics:

  • As per 2022 data, digital advertising, web user experience, content marketing, email marketing, and organic search are the top five digital marketing priorities in 2022.
  • As per 2021 predictions, 36% of salespeople were expected to shoot up their omnichannel marketing funds.
  • Over 75% of customers developed a new interest in online activities in 2020 and 21% of them bought a new product online for the first time.
  • As per a study from Content Marketing Institute, 85% of traders focus on personalized customer experience.
  • As per digital marketing statistics 2021, traders have been focusing more on acquiring new customers as compared to enhancing marketing ROI.
  • As per 2021 data, sales is the leading KPI (Key performance indicator) for marketers and it ranks higher than the cost of sales and customer acquisition.
  • In 2020, 86% of traders shot up brand awareness by utilizing one or more digital marketing tools.
  • In anticipation of pandemic-type scenarios, traders have made better digitalization of business processes and scale online presence their top priorities.
  • Content marketing generates three times more leads as compared to traditional marketing and it costs 64% fewer funds than regular marketing plans.
  • As per the 2021 forecast, 32% of traders still find it hard to assess ROI on digital marketing plans.

Content Marketing Statistics:

#1. As per 2022 predictions, the content marketing industry is expected to increase by 16% CAGR worldwide in 2025
The global content marketing industry will increase by $417.85 billion in the next three years.

Digital Marketing Statistics

#2. China and Japan are on the edge of recording the fastest growth in the content marketing industry
Both nations control 42% of the market share of the content marketing industry. The APAC region is a crucial growth driver for the content marketing industry.

#3. 98% of B2B traders generate social media content, newsletters, and blog posts.

#4. 82% of B2C (business to customer) traders believe that content marketing is key to their marketing plans.

#5. As per Digital Marketing Statistics 2022, nearly 61% of B2B traders make videos and webinars.
Nearly 47% of them also design whitepapers and 32% of them make podcasts.

#6. B2B traders are spending 83% of their time in the content creation.
They invest around 33 hours per week in content production.

#7. 95% of B2B traders work on the content that is related to acquiring new customers.
Nearly 94% of them focus on creating content to increase their sales. 38% of traders make marketing content for existing customers.

#8. As per 2022 statistics on digital marketing, 89% of traders make video and audio content for social media posts.
However, only, 11% of them use video and audio for blog posts and newsletters.

#9. Around 48% of B2B marketers use webinar clips for social media platforms and email marketing.

#10. Generating quality leads and elevating web traffic are the top content marketing goals for marketers.

SEO Marketing Statistics:

#11. In 2021, 91% of ventures with a greater level of SEO maturity infrastructure witnessed a 5% boost in website performance. However, only 2% of these ventures with low SEO maturity reported similar growth.

#12. 70% of mid-sized and large ventures have augmented their organic marketing budget in 2021.

#13. 78% of traders say that organic marketing will positively affect their business objectives in 2022.

#14. As per 2022 data, around 46% of ventures with high-level organic marketing maturity subcontract half of the SEO work at least.

#15. Technology vendors, consulting firms, and agencies are three leading players for ventures to outsource organic marketing work.

#16. Web traffic, website engagement, search rankings, revenue, and conversion are the top five metrics tracked to show success for organic marketing.

#17. 79% of traders are the main decision-makers on SEO tools as per digital marketing statistics 2022.

#18. 85.4% of internet users look for information at least once a month.

#19. On average, Google Search generates around 40000 search queries per second.

#20. Google owns more than 90% of the global search engine market.

#21. Over 60% of Google searches generate from mobile devices.

Digital Marketing Statistics

#22. Bing produces 12 billion searches each month.

Social Media Statistics:

#23. As per digital marketing statistics, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter are the most trendy social media platforms.

#24. 74% of traders actively spend on social media marketing.

#25. As per digital marketing data 2021, 47% of traders have been planning to increase their investment in social media marketing.

#26. The most regular publishing pace on social media is three to four times a week.

#27. Traders admit that they report the highest social media engagement by using images and video content.

#28. The number one activity on social media for traders is social listening.

#29. 85.7% of traders have shot up their social media activity during the pandemic.

#30. 66% of traders use social media to increase leads.

Video Marketing Statistics:

#31. As per 2021 statistics, around 34% of traders will elevate their funds for video marketing.

#32. More than half of traders say that they have been spending nearly 20% of their digital marketing budget on paid videos.

#33. 87% of video advertisers say that video content has shot up their web traffic.
80% of them say that video content has helped them in sales. While 83% of them have said that video marketing has helped them in generating further leads.

#34. As per 2020 statistics on digital marketing, nearly 96% of consumers have seen an explainer video of a product or service.
Seven out of 10 consumers have said that they have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching an explainer video.

#35. YouTube is the most popular and most widely utilized video platform for traders.

#36. As per 2020 predictions, 60% of the global mobile phone video viewership will originate from Asia by 2023 while 8% of mobile video viewership will come from North America.

#37. As per digital marketing statistics 2020, video marketing has shot up by 41% since 2016.

#38. Analysts predict that over 1 million videos will be uploaded online by 2022.

#39. As per a study in 2020, 43% of traders say that video content has helped them cut down the number of support calls by customers.

#40. The same study shows that 66% of customers prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service.

#41. As per digital marketing statistics 2020, around 85% of ventures use video content as a marketing tool.

OTT Marketing Statistics:

#42. 57% of internet users in Southeast Asia have watched more OTT content during the pandemic
Around 72% of viewers plan to maintain the increase in their OTT usage in the future as well.

#43. 18% of OTT users in Southeast Asia invest over four hours per day watching OTT content.

#44. 89% of OTT consumers in Southeast Asia are ready to watch ads in order to watch free content.

#45. The majority of OTT consumers in Southeast Asia watch OTT content on smartphones.

Digital Adverting Statistics:

#46. As per 2021 statistics, three out of ten marketers prefer not to show ads next to hateful or fake content.

#47. Social media advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), and event sponsorship has been the top three digital advertising channels for B2B traders.

#48. LinkedIn has been the leading paid social media platform for B2B traders.
Around 80% of leads generated through social media for B2B traders have come from LinkedIn.

#49. As per Digital marketing statistics 2021, digital ad spending will shoot by 20.4% in the future.

#50. Digital ad spending has shot by 12.7% in 2020.

User Experience Statistics:

#51. As per Digital marketing statistics 2021, one out of two consumers in the US feel that website designing is crucial for a company’s overall branding.

#52. 40% of US consumers pay more attention to images and photos that have been used to design websites
While 39% of them focus on colors that have been used to design the website and 21% of them pay attention to the video content of the website.

#53. 42% of consumers in the US leave the website due to poor functionalities.

#54. Engaging user experience is the top priority for one out of three US consumers when it comes to website designs.

Email, Push Notifications, and SMS Statistics:

#55. As per Digital marketing statistics 2021, B2C traders send 80 to 120 million digital messages in a year to nearly 5 to 40 million people.

#56. The majority of B2C traders say that nearly 40% of their firms’ sales generate from digital messaging strategies.

#57. Most B2C marketers utilize nearly 25% of their digital marketing funds for digital messaging.

#58. In 2020, around half of B2C traders invested $1 million to $5 million on digital messaging.

Martech Statistics:

#59. As per 2021 statistics, nearly 60% of traders in the US utilize more than 20 advertising tools.

#60. More than 68% of startup firms use martech tools as per Digital marketing statistics 2021.

#61. One out of three B2C traders says that best-in-breed apps might be a better investment as compared to all-in-one martech stack.

#62. Around 56% of startup firms use free martech software.
Paid startup firms that use martech tools spend around $1001 to $10000 a month on the software.

#63. A survey shows that traders who do not use a plan for their martech software are four times more likely to be let down by their marketing tools and outcomes.

#64. Companies that use martech software are expected to witness 54% improved customer engagement, 37% more précised target audience, and 36% more effective promotion campaigns

#65. A/B testing, web analytics, CRM software, content marketing, social media marketing, and multi-touch attribution are some of the most efficient martech tools among startup firms.

Paid Advertising Statistics:

#66. As per 2020 statistics an average consumer comes across 5000 ads each day.

#67. 54% of consumers do not like when they are targeted with an ad for a product or service that they have already purchased.

#68. Mobile ad placements have shot by 70% in 2020.

#69. As per digital marketing statistics 2021, nearly 72% of total digital ad fund is expected to be spent on mobile video ad. Around 55.2% of ad investment will be allocated to display ads and 40.2% will be allocated to organic search.

eCommerce Marketing Statistics:

#70. 72% of eCommerce traders use Facebook for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Statistics

#71. As per digital marketing statistics 2021, only 37% of traders optimize their PDPs for SEO.

#72. In 2021, eCommerce sales were expected to account for 15% of the total retail sales.


The world of digital marketing is expanding at a faster pace. The investment in data-driven marketing campaigns as well is booming across the globe. Therefore, marketers need to keep up with the latest data on digital marketing to plan for the future of their ventures.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is the promotional activity to connect with potential customers with the help of the internet and other digital communication tools.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps in fetching the traffic from the organic, editorial, natural, and free search results in search engines.

What are keywords?

A keyword is used by an internet consumer to search for something in a search engine.

What are the four types of digital marketing?

Social media marketing, content marketing, SEO marketing, and Search Engine marketing are four forms of digital marketing that can be used to give a boost to any business.

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