Will CRM Providers Offer Salesforce.com-like Chatter?

Mark J

Updated · Mar 02, 2011

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) Chatter realizes the original premise of CRM — it represents a completely integrated view of what is happening in sales, marketing and customer service. Chatter provides another way to view and organize the mishmash of CRM data. This Forbes.com blog discusses when and how we might see other CRM vendors come out with Salesforce.com-like Chatter products.

“Not to hear Salesforce.com's user base – or the company itself – say it. According to CEO Marc Benioff some 85% of its customers have adopted the application and the company plans to expand its functionality even further via the $31 million acquisition of DimDim.

“Eighty-five percent of Salesforce.com's sizable customer base is enough to make any company – much less a competitor to CRM vendor – sit up and take notice. Sooner or later – and I am guessing much much sooner than later – other companies will step up with their own, competing offerings. (To clarify, most CRM vendors have integrated in one way or another social media, but these integration do not mimic a Facebook-style layout that has helped to make Chatter so popular, Yankee Group's Sheryl Kingstone tells Selling It).”

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