Workscape Unveils Business Rules Engine for HR Management

Mark J

Updated · Jun 24, 2010

Workscape, Inc., has announced several new capabilities in Workscape EligibilityManager, a business rules engine that enables Human Resource (HR) departments to manage business changes. According to the company in its press release Workscape EligibilityManager is able to rapidly define, edit and publish the eligibility assignment rules that drive complex compensation planning, performance management and other total rewards management processes.

“Through a simple yet powerful web-based user experience, business users within HR can now easily filter data from the ERP, HRIS, or other system of record and manage group eligibility based on an unlimited number of criteria – without the need to involve IT staff.

“Unlike other industry solutions that only permit rules to leverage a limited set of criteria to drive eligibility, Workscape EligibilityManager can use any employee attribute and an unlimited number of attributes to create compound rules to support any business criteria. For example, if the company decides to offer a special bonus to project managers in the manufacturing division who work in the New York tri-state area, the HR department can rapidly respond to that unanticipated business change by using EligibilityManager to filter data from the system(s) of record and create the new group.”

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