Worksoft Aims to Facilitate Process Discovery in SAP Apps

Drew Robb

Updated · Sep 20, 2016

Despite the proven importance of process improvement in technology initiatives, many companies give short shrift to mapping and streamlining their processes. Worksoft, an SAP partner and provider of automation software for business process testing and discovery, this week introduced Worksoft process mining, software that it says enables companies to automatically discover business processes and generate functional tests from historical data residing in their SAP applications.

Process mining data flows in SAP applications accelerates business process discovery and the development of automation portfolios for functional testing and QA, according to Worksoft.

“With Worksoft process mining, companies will be able to achieve 100 percent regression test coverage for the vast number of SAP business process paths performed in their enterprise, because it extracts every historical data flow based on user behavior. …,” said Shoeb Javed, Worksoft's chief technology officer, in a statement. “The capability to automatically create business process knowledge, documentation and functional testing assets can dramatically accelerate ROI and time-to-value for initial test automation.”

Worksoft process mining initially supports SAP components in the SAP ERP application, including sales and distribution, materials management and warehouse management. It works with Worksoft Analyze automation software.

The solution has other uses as well. For companies migrating to SAP S/4HANA or implementing SAP software upgrades, Worksoft process mining facilitates comparison of SAP's published best-practice process paths with a company's current business practices.

In addition, Worksoft says its process mining software will aid system integrators or business process analysts trying to familiarize themselves with a company's business processes running in SAP software for optimization or functional testing initiatives.

According to its website, Worksoft's customers include Monsanto, Microsoft, Kraft Foods and Colgate-Palmolive.

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